(Dooweet Records)

Review by Sloof

Dooweet Records from France should get a medal as they support their French scene so well. Many labels can take Dooweet as a perfect example on how bands need to be supported! They forwarded some new releases and Kopper8 is the first band for this week.


First of all, I’m totally impressed about the front cover artwork of this album. It breathes darkness, mysticism, an unknown world, but at the same time, there is a lot of detail in the artwork and a lot of bands forget that the cover is as important as the music on the disc! The band started around 2006 in the suburbs of Paris when Niko (guitars) wanted to start a band with Thrash Metal elements, but as well with Stoner and Southern twists. When vocalist Tex joined in, they decided that the lyrics should be growled in native language and getting drummer Wil, bass player Jeremie and second guitar player Steff on board, we can conclude that Copper8 was finally in the comfort zone of a stable lineup. Adding many different elements in a band, delivers a scale of sounds and influences, but each member helped to match the pieces together.


I consider Kopper8 as the French version of Pro-Pain. They sound like them, but they are more brutal, more direct while Pro-Pain adds more groove in their songs. The whole album is one brutal assault with songs like ‘La Haine’ and ‘Evangile’, and although some songs have an English title and chorus (‘Addiction’, ‘Hategod’, ‘Born To Die’), the lyrics are mainly in French. There is a resting, a moment of pause with the track ‘L’école De La Folie’ that turns into a very bombastic and threatening moment. I guess that this track is my favorite one on this album. I do want to mention that the song ‘Patrie’ is an homage to all the victims that fell in Paris on November 13th. 2015.


The album finishes with a remix of ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Requiem’, two songs that featured their first EP as well, and the band shot a video for the latter, so check it out if you like nuns in leather!


People that are into a direct approach, a heavier version of Pro-Pain and a melting pot of Thrash/Death Metal should check their videos for extra impressions. Their first album is a good move, but I need more consistency to catalogue this album as a milestone. https://fr-fr.facebook.com/kopper8


My rating: 78 / 100


95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish