H.A.T.E. - INJECT THE INFECTION (Auburn Records)



                                         (Review by Stefan)

Creating a new review from a particular US Metal act at the beginning of a new week allow me the pleasure to feel good. This time I’d like to discuss the new album from H.A.T.E. (Halfway At The End). These guys know how to grab me by the throat a few years ago with their debut, self financed effort called “Metal Forever”. My review ended with a very high score, it was nothing but deserved! Singer / guitarist Greg ‘Wags’ Wagner (Wagsmetalinc, ex-Breaker / Archetype) and the rest of the guys offered all those into Traditional US Metal many moments of pleasure, this independent release was a pure killer album… amazing and pure US Metal stuff – H.A.T.E. deserved a record deal which wasn’t easy to make it happen. Finally the rescue came from Bill Peters and legendary Auburn Records! A big thank you to Bill for the release of H.A.T.E.’s new Metal assault entitled “Inject The Infection”. 


 Let me immediately say that this work has a very high and pure US Power / Heavy Metal content. Eleven new tracks and a bonus song from almighty Riot fame’s ‘Sword And Tequila’, “Inject The Infection” will blow you away for sure! I’ve heard many awesome things from singer / guitarist and main songwriter of the band named ‘Wags’ but all I hear on the new CD overpasses all my expectations. He’s definitely one of the most and especially purest Metal guitar players I’ve heard the last few years. Without a doubt and with great conviction, he conjures highly appreciating riffs and solo’s right of his fingertips. About the delivery of vocal lines, well he reminds me of legendary David Wayne (ex-Metal Church) and mighty Blitz from Overkill. Second guitarist who plays on the album is the one and only Curran Murphy (who was active in other bands like Shatter Messiah, Nevermore and Annihilator before) means a lot for a band like H.A.T.E. All the magical guitar moves he brings to the entire concept works contagious. Shivers rolling down my backbone as soon as he starts to play tons of superb riffs and incredible solo works! 


Cool cover artwork reflecting all about the title of the album “Inject The Infection”, the sound quality is right tight, very good and done by Curran Murphy and Bill Peters himself. Within the full coloured booklet you will witness awesome individual images of the players and live shots as well. Grateful job of both designers (Alex Yarborough) and photographer (Joe Kleon). 


First tracks on the album ‘Crazed’ and ‘Survive’ open in a pure power and force tradition, watch out for the breakneck speed riffs and magnificent guitar solo’s. Less speed but even more power comes along with the title track ‘Inject The Infection’ – vocals this time in the vein of David Wayne in days of early Metal Church, brilliant song! Overkill / Bitter End or early Megadeth fans better prepare for ‘Schizo’ and again, the great vocals and power guitarplay including nice shred tactics take me by the scruff. Fist up in the air and scream from the top of your lungs while playing ‘Packing The Nine’ on a high volume. Low tempo song but as heavy as can be. 


‘Shock ‘em All’ starts with an old kinda like Slayer riff (Reign In Blood) but the rest of the song has nothing to do with these US Thrash legends. Instead you gets Traditional US Metal featuring nice up tempo riffs and as usual, top notch guitar solo’s! Also ‘Abashed’ guarantees to mow off the ground beneath your feet. So much power and energetic forces within the song… I confess, it’s just another highlight. The song called H.A.T.E. brings on some more real power before last one, actually bonus, tracks opens all registers for the very last time. VERY special one to me, it’s a cover track from one of my all time faves names Riot! H.A.T.E. shuts the new album “Inject The Infection’ in style, that’s for sure. Their version of Riot’s ‘Swords and Tequila’ is very good which feels like a heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest bands in the history of Classic Heavy Metal music. 


I can only tell that this new album satisfies from top to bottom – great vocals, awesome guitars by two brilliant, pure Metal minded musicians, heavy bass lines and killer pounding drums. No reason to complain at all, “Inject The Infection” is a fantastic US Power / Heavy Metal output made for all people who like their stuff pure and pure all over again. One last hint, watch for my favourite Top 20 Metal albums list at the end of the year. No Doubt about that H.A.T.E. will end up high! I don’t care at all if you’re agree or not mentioning the fact that albums like this demonstrates once again that US Metal still rule with an iron fist! http://www.myspace.com/injectthehate  Order your own copy at: http://www.auburnrecords.com/   


My Points: 99 / 100