H.A.T.E. - METAL FOREVER (Independent)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

My desire to excellent US Classic Metal music is granted once again with a band like H.A.T.E.! Greg 'Wags' Warner (former frontman of Archetype and Breaker) and Chuck Ruszin (bass) formed the band in 1988. Touring across the United States with bands like U.F.O., Saxon, Metal Church, Overkill, etc... H.A.T.E. booked very positive criticisms those days. Everyone whom had the chance to see these men doing their duty on stage knew immediately that their future was insured.

Unfortunately H.A.T.E. did not arrived where many had hoped on. Okay, they were awesome during live performances, made awesome songs back then but did not get the opportunity to sign a contract. Contemporary, it's damn hard to catch a proper record company way back in the 80s it was a true nightmare, much more difficult to sign a record deal! But okay, the band wanted to play Metal which they did very well. Real Metal musician's ambitions coming straight from the heart and never give up the fight, whatever it takes. Pity enough, a deadly silence came knocking on the band's front door and the future doesn't look too good those days. Was it the end of a great Heavy Metal outfit? Hell No…

After 17 years, H.A.T.E.'s resurrection is a fact people! Original builders Greg and Chuck are back in business to kick some ass, back for more and how!? Guys teamed up now are original drummer of Reel Steel, Michael 'Hazard' Harris and Curren Murphy (former Annihilator / Nevermore and current guitarist of Shatter Messiah). Eventually, H.A.T.E. has succeeded bringing out its own album entitled "Metal Forever" which is a superb, independent work that brings me personally in somekind of a trance. You will be taken from the throat, right from the start till the bitter end. Brothers and sisters, THIS IS AWESOME!!!

14 tracks, both old and new ones played in a manner i feels like I'm stoned again! This means US Classic Heavy Metal to enjoy with heart and soul. First, I was immediately knocked out by the impressive way of singing (Jon Oliva meets David Wayne), delivered by Mr. Greg Wagner. Armed with incredibly vocal skills and the way this guy plays guitar brings me out of balance! Actually, there are three axemen, "Metal Forever" which is a fact you won’t soon forget.

Besides the previously mentioned Curran Murphy (Shatter Messiah), also guys like Lou St. Paul (Wintersbane!) and Nick Giannakos (Wretch, Breaker, Auburn Recording artist!). It's just brilliant to hear how so many superb guitar riffs / solo's infest your speakers. I can't get enough of this album!! You should hear the combined actions of both bass and drum duties... words really fail me to describe what I feel inside while I'm playing this album at high volume. This must be-without a doubt- the springboard, concerning signing a more than deserved record label. In any case, I stand entirely behind these guys because it's my personal favourite style of music in the first place, secondly their skills to gain a very high level.

Bands crosses my mind while listening mostly belong to the 80s Metal scene such as: Meliah Rage, early Savatage/Metal Church, Premonition, Wretch, Doctor Butcher, Sacred Oath,... "Metal Forever" never disappoints me which means that I'm completely satisfied with this beautiful result. A one-hour US Metal work, I'm sure that a continuator will be well underway to appear one day or another. By The way, drummer Michael Harris let me know that H.A.T.E. are returning to the studio to begin work on a sophomore album.

Meanwhile, you can already order "Metal Forever" via: www.myspace.com/halfwayattheend or http://cdbaby.com/cd/hatemetal . Feeling yourself called to offer the album in the CD store nearby, send an email to: info@wehateu2.com for all further regulations. An album with a lot of class and musical wisdom, it goddamn makes me speechless!! GREAT / AWESOME / SUPERB on all areas. Order right away!!!

My Points: 98 / 100