(Review by Stefan)

Released through America's number one Progressive Metal record company named Nightmare Records, Halcyon Way greets us from Atlanta - they brought out a few EP's inthe past, ''A Manifesto Of Domination'' is the band's latest output and surely made for all those hooked on melodic Progressive Power Metal maniacs with a very good taste.  

Guitar player Jon Bodan spread out his wings over the production process with the help from legendary shred guitar magician named James Murphy. In my opinion, the end result of “A Manifesto For Domination” is phenomenal... perfect sound to the extreme, the co-operation between Jon and James worked out amazingly great (perhaps a good point for the future).  


''A Manifesto For Domination'' sounds pretty modern to me, let that be clear but in fact this can't be a problem for all those into nowadays Progressive Metal, right?! While listening to the songs and as for the musical aspect mainly, I hear influences of bands like late Iced Earth, Fates Warning, Queensryche, Armored Saint, Dream Theater,... make a mixture and you'll be pretty close to Halcyon Way alley of Metal.  


Worth to mention is Shawn Shields' vocal use - for sure, this is no absolute beginner… I'd rather like to call him a real good singer with a top-notch sound. On their myspace, the band throw Ronnie James Dio to compare but to be honest, I'm not agree with that. Shawn has a brilliant way of singing in his might but comparisons with 'almighty Ronnie' is a bridge too far.


The album reflects a band in very good condition, many songs to enjoy - each one has its own character with head kicking melodic parts all over, loads of power injections and excellent ideas to make them all pretty joyful. Also, fantastic looking cover art and info-loaded booklet make the album damn worth to spend your money on. I'm honestly not complete overwhelmed but still, allow me to say that Halcyon Way deserves a place in the highest rankings of the world-wide Progressive Metal circuit.

More info at: http://www.myspace.com/halcyonway  


My Points: 86/100