(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Thrash metal maniacs beware! This is probably the first big thrash metal release of 2013, and perhaps it might become the ultimate thrash metal attack of this year, and beyond… Hatriot might be unfamiliar to you, but things are going to change. Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza earned his ranks with Exodus, and after some other bands like Tenet (with Gene Hoglan) and DDP (with Chuck Billy), he thought it was time to start another high class ‘old school’ thrash metal band: Hatriot. The name says it all, a contraction of Hate and Patriot, and that name comes from a lyric in the Exodus song ‘Scar Spangled Banner’. Steve defines himself not as a patriot, but as a hatriot, and when you listen to this album you will understand why. The lyrical themes are imminent and truly awesome as Death, Murder and War seems to be translated to modern day live: school shootings, mass murder, suicide bombers and a few political themes, although he prefers to write about monster and vampire movies... check our interview at the following URL):  http://www.metaltoinfinity.be/INTERVIEWS/HATRIOT_2013.html.

Checking his family tree was a very logical decision as his sons Cody Souza (Bass) and Nick Souza (Drums) joined Hatriot as well, to spread their message loud and clear. Hatriot is ready to conquer the world, and after teaming up with unknown guitar players Kosta Varvatakis and Miguel Esparza they were ready to enter the studio for a first eponymous demo. The main reason was to draw the attention of the record labels, and it sure did. Hatriot signed a two record deal with Massacre Records, and since end of January, ‘Heroes Of Origin’ is available in the stores.

The first track is called ‘Suicide Run’ and after a very short introduction, the band starts in fifth gear.  Jesus, what a blast, what a devotion and how tight is this arrangement. Steve has a very recognizable voice and he’s spitting his word into his microphone while the musicians bring their thrash with a lot of old school passion. It’s like Exodus their Bonded By Blood debut but this time with a modern sound that has no boundaries.  It feels like the square of bulls are hunting you down in the streets of Pamplona during the San Firmin Festival. No limits, only danger! And this is only the start as there is much more to come. Second track out of 10 is ‘Weapons Of Class Destruction’, and again they sound very aggressive with a lot of outstanding guitars. I just like the way the strings yell, while Steve is raising the vibe with lyrics that can’t deny: he’s a Hatriot! ‘Murder American Style’, ‘Globicidal’ and ‘Heroes Of Origin’ are definitely tracks that you should check, and in some parts, I recognized a little Testament influence, but also Overkill repertoire. I don’t say that Hatriot is a copycat, not at all, it’s just a musical style to define.  

I’m really amused about the youngness of this band, and the freshness of the vocals. The riffs kill and murder at high rate, the voice says it all and Mr. Exodus can be proud on what he achieved. Hatriot might become legendary, so it’s time to pack and fly over to Europe, as the true Bay Area thrashers will be praised and hailed on our stages. They are the one and only ‘Heroes of Origin’ !!

My rating: 92 /100