(Review by Officer Nice)

Yes!!!! Helstar is back! How I was happy like a little kid when James Rivera told me Helstar would replace the studio and the stages. 'The magic will return' he said and this sentence made me believe the kings of US Power Metal will show the Metal scene one thing, how disgraceful they were treated in the past as they deserved so much more respect.


With ''Sins Of The Past'' you should not expect a new album, the release of the entire newbie is scheduled for next summer, I can't hardly wait. On this album James and friends re-recorded some classic Helstar songs but they've added more power, a more modern sound (sometimes with grunts as backing vocals) and more heaviness. 'Angel Of Death', 'Baptized In Blood', 'The King Is Dead', 'Suicidal Nightmare'... in a super heavy version; what do you need more to break your neck?


This concept works perfect as I keep on listening to the album. A metamorphose is made for songs like 'Burning Star' and 'Dracula's Castle', as good and thrilling the originals were...this sounds breathtaking! The other songs are from the same (highest) level as the previous recordings and never seem to have lost their enchantment. I still hear shredding guitars, tremendous bass guitars, incredible drums and of course first class vocals, James is God! At first I was afraid for the re-recordings, but after a few listens I became addicted to this CD as the production is so heavy (so thrashy!). Helstar didn't lose their overwhelming effect on me and makes me hope their future is bright!


Helstar added two new songs on the disc and I can assure you it sounds very promising for the upcoming album. In vein of ''Remnants Of War'' and ''Nosferatu'' you can expect mind blowing vocals and pure Metal in all its beauty. James still knows how US Metal should sound!


Helstar will come to Europe for some festivals and I can't wait to see them on stage again. I hope they will come to Belgium, it has been more than 20 years ago they hit our ground as support act from Yngwie Malmsteen. Musical wise Helstar was one of the best bands in the eighties, now they're back they will remain this status. Be ashamed if you don't know Helstar, but believe me that if you're into True Heavy Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, shredding guitars and extraordinary vocals... it will take only a few seconds to convince you.


The US Power Metal gods are back, Helstar is their name!


My points: 100 / 100