(Review by Stefan)

We’ve been waiting for four years but finally the moment has come to spread the word of Hürlement’s new album “Terreur Et Tourment”, released through Emanes Metal Records! Their predecessor “De Sang Et D’acier has left a very positive impression, I still remember that this effort got a highly appreciating and well deserved rating of mine. Traditional Heavy Metal that gives all credits to the 80s French Metal movement featuring many greats like H Bomb, High Power, Sortilège, Killers, ADX, Vulcain, Trust, Steel Angel, Blasphème and many more. Throughout the years, they built up a great live reputation across Belgium, Greece, Spain, Germany and Denmark – some of the bands they’ve shared the stage with so far are: Savage Grace, Cloven Hoof, Angel Witch, Tokyo Blade, Tygers Of Pan Tang among others. They also contributed at prestigious feasts on Metal like Swordbrothers (Germany), Up The Hammers (Greece) and Danish based Metal Magic where Hürlement came, saw and conquered the stage… their performance have not gone unnoticed!


Their brand new album “Terreur Et Tourment” comes in style and again, Heavy Metal from the eighties play the leading role. I’m more satisfied than I was before and obviously, these guys have not been idle during the last 4 years. Right from the start, I can feel that all of the players developed their own skills more technically. Guitar riffs are tighter, even more sophisticate which results in stronger compositions. Due to me passion for Traditional Heavy Metal, I really like this band – especially the band’s singer stole my heart. As soon as this guy starts to use his throat in a high pitch manner, my inner system goes boom! Alexis De Warnabot is a top-notch singer which also would perfectly fit within the US Metal circuit.


The texts are written in both French and English which sometimes gives a peculiar feel but I have to admit that Hürlement has it all under control real tight. The sound of “Terreur Et Tourment” is real hard hitting, a bombastic production who claims to have play the album at a high volume. If you do you will have the time of your life listening to excellent tracks like opener ‘Inquistion’, ‘Dogue De Brocéliande’, ‘The Song Of Steel’, ‘Last Days Of Summer’. ‘Tigres Volants’ does remind me of our own Belgian Heavy Metal heroes named Ostrogoth in days of their legendary “Full Moon’s Eyes” effort. Last song ‘A Feu Et A Sang’ roars in a good old Maiden tradition, melodic!


If you’re familiar with US Metal band called Axehammer’s album “Lord Of The Realm” or Manowar’s “Hail To England/Sign Of The Hammer”, slices of Savage Grace / Running Wild / Sortilége, I think you will embrace the sound of Hürlement as well. Usually fierce… alternating with awesome breaks, galloping rhythms, magnificent vocals and loads of good oiled melodies… that’s what Hürlement is all about!


A Metal album sung in both French and English is not an everyday occurrence, still “Terreur Et Torment” is a promising release, actually a must-have that have to be ordered by Classic Heavy Metal maniacs on the hunt for the ultimate thrill of steel. Order possibilities at: http://www.emanesmetalrecords.com/ - www.hurlement.fr


My Points: 92 / 100