HEROD - THEY WRE NONE (Mighty Music Records/Target)


A very nice digipack album arrived at my desk and the artwork, booklet and photos were all detailed, professional and inviting, so I hoped that the twinkles in my eye would be able to make my day. Herod, as I read on the infosheet, is a Suisse band that is ready to release their debut album ‘They Were None’, which was already recorded in 2012 with infamous producer Julien Fehlmann. Mastering took place in Helsinki with  the helping hand of Svante Försback, mostly known for his work with Rammstein and nowadays hipsters Volbeat. Interesting information that indicates that the quartet knows what they want and don’t take no for an answer. 

The first track ‘The Fall’ takes almost 10 minutes, starts rather slowly with a deep dark emotional feeling.  The vocals are hoarse, and I’m not really convinced about the mixing of it. It’s like David Glassey his microfone is in the back of the recording studio, so he had to yell to get his throat recorded. But after listening to this album, I understand that this is a necessity, a kind of style to emphasize their musical direction and ideas. Herod proclaims to be a post-Hardcore band, and it’s a kind of standard in this genre that the vocals have a forgo approach, a tormented vibe that accentuates the heaviness of the songs.

The album has 11 tracks and it goes on and on, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is no sun that rises, there is only a post-apocalyptic feeling that lingers on, track by track, story by story.   Some songs indicate the dark and looming atmosphere: ‘We Are The Failure’, ‘Watch ‘Em Die’ and ‘No Forgiveness For Vultures’. It all indicates that Pierre, Fabien, David and Bertrand have no pleasant stories to tell… They only want to introduce us to the most depressing riffs, while most songs were written and inspired by the cold and desolate climate.

Perhaps, this musical approach is a bit too complicated for my ears. Can I value it? Is this musical trip one step too far in my personal tolerance level? I really don’t know if this band brings their songs like the genre demands. Those that like a psychedelic touch might be impressed by Herod, but I guess that I’m too much Headbanger to make or break this album. I’m sure that the Jura and the Alpes in Switzerland run a risk as this band is capable to cause severe avalanches in their native country, but for me personally, it’s a bit too loud, or am I getting too old? Let the people decide if it will appeal on them, as the band released a promo video of ‘We Are The Failure’ down below.

My personal rating is only out of respect to the members: 75 / 100


95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish