Review by Nathan McLeod


There really is not much of 'Hammerhead' that does not 'remind' me of 'Kreator', (Coma Of Souls album) & or 'Tormentor', (pre-Kreator). 'Hammerhead' sounds an 'awful' lot like them. Which is not a bad thing. Won't go as far as saying a 'total' or 'complete' rip-off, just 'heavily' 'influenced' & 'sounding'. 'Lauren's' vocals sound A LOT like 'Mille Petroza'.


There are some other 'influences' & 'styles' that 'Hammerhead' remind me of. 'Sodom' for example. I mean 'Vincent's' 'powerful' drumming & style sound A LOT like 'Chris Witchunter's', (Rest In Peace). VERY 'explosive' & 'thunderous'.


The guitar 'rhythm's' of 'Lennert's', well, some 'typical' 'thrash-metal' 'rhythm's'. His 'solo's' are 'contrite' & 'exact'. In fact, the 'solo's' & 'fills' do kinda come outa no where. A bit 'surprizing' to say the least.


And now back to 'Lauren' & bass. A LOT of 'simplicity'. And probably the 'least' bit 'desirable' of the CDEP. Sounds a bit like he may have been 'struggling' with both 'bass & vocal' duties?? And a band as 'whole', turn the bass down during 'recording'. It's probably the worst part of 'The Doom That Came To Sarnath'.


I can tell these 'Belgian's' are probably a VERY 'thunderous' act live, which is a few pluses (+++)! So, all in all, NOT a bad band at all, just seem to be a bit 'pre-mature' in their 'existence' of only 5yrs or so.


And can also hear some 'hints' of 'Dark Angel - Leave Scars' album & some 'Hirax' amidst 'Hammerhead'. Keep up the good work.


My rating: 80/100 (Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)


'The Doom That Came To Sarnath' track info:

I) The Lost City II) Chemical Death III) Apocalyptic Chaos IV) Dwellers Of The Deep V) The Doom That Came To Sarnath - total run-time 22:04.


*Lauren Oostrom - Vocals/Bass

*Lennert Theis - Guitar

*Vincent Verstrepen - Drums

Recorded & mixed by Filip Van Den Bot @ Penthouse Studio - Heist Op Den Berg, Belgium & Viktor @ Celestial Event Studio - Halle, Belgium.

'Hammerhead' contact info:

*Metal Archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/H%C3%A4mmerhead/3540364911

*ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/hammerheadbelgium

*Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hammerheadbelgium

*E-mail: hammerhead@outlook.be





(GlassVille Records)

Review by Sloof


Mainman Hasse Fröberg has been in the business since the eighties when he released 2 albums with the formation Spellbound from Sweden. After intensive touring, Hasse became the vocalist of The Flower Kings in 1997, and worldwide success was achieved! When The Flower Kings decided to take a break, Hasse formed his own band and recorded an album in 2010 (‘FuturePast’) and an album in 2012 (‘Powerplay’). As The Flower Kings did a comeback to the prog scene after some years of absence, Hasse all of a sudden found himself in 2 bands, but it seems like he’s been able to make it work, as the third album ‘HFMC’ is going to be released mid-March 2015.


The voice of singer/guitarplayer Hasse Fröberg is very fragile and breakable. He sounds like he’s constantly scanning its limits, but the way he does it makes it wonderful and beautiful. This is comparable with Damian Wilson of Threshold who’s also gifted with an unique voice that adds a lot of emotion and drama in the songs. Only few have these skills, and Hasse Fröberg is one of them! While listening to this album, I had mixed feelings, as the songs go into all possible directions. Everything Can Change’ adds even jazz in its arrangement, and frankly spoken, Jazz doesn’t have any effect on me. But it’s all in balance, as this sidestep fits in the whole arrangement and even in the lyrical theme. If you listen to a track like ‘Can’t Stop The Clock’, you will discover why music is so universal and all-embracing.


Some of the songs on this album clock 10 to 15 minutes, so it’s obvious that we aren’t talking about three-chord songs, but material that are fully exploited, fully scrubbed and scraped to become material that can stand the test of time. I guess that there has been years in development, years in writing, editing, changing and adjustments until a track stands as a skyscraper, not as a house. Official homepage: http://www.hfmcband.com/


My rating: 88/100 (Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)





(Mascot Records)

Review by Nathan McLeod


'San Francisco's': 'Heathen'! With 'The Evolution Of Chaos' & their 4th installment by way of 'Mascot Records'. I must say, & even knowing / worked with 'Heathen', I had a bit of a problem with this CD. Mainly 'production' & 'Darren Minter's' drumming. Much 'better' band live than IMO on 'The Evolution Of Chaos'. Sure, 'Darren Minter' is the sound of 'Heathen' as 'Tom Hunting' is to 'Exodus', & this 'does not' sound like the 'Darren Minter' heard on 'Victims Of Deception' & 'Recovered'.


And yes, I've seen 'several' 'Heathen' line-ups since the 'mid-80's'. From the beginning with their 1st live show 'Sam Kress' on vocals (Rest In Peace) / 'without' a bass player / 'Carl Sacco' on drums, to the late-great 'Paul Baloff' (Rest In Peace) whom replaced 'David White' on vocals for a minute, to 'Mike "Yaz" Jastremski' (Rest In Peace) on bass, 'Terry Lauderdale' on guitar, back again with 'Carl Sacco' on drums / the late-great & mighty 'Jon Torres' on bass (Rest In Peace) 'brother'. And 'no', I've not seen a 'Heathen' gig since 'Jon Torres's' departure in '2011'.


Don't get me wrong, there's been a 'kick-ass' load of 'talented' musicians in 'Heathen' in the past 30yrs. Axemen 'Doug Piercy' & 'Kragen Lum' are others! And of course: 'Lee Altus'! But back to 'The Evolution Of Chaos'. The drums & production really do not start to pick up til 'Bloodkult', 'Red Tears Of Disgrace', & 'Silent Nothingness', & starts at the 'ending' to get "HEAVIER"! Aside from those 3-tracks, 'No Stone Overturned' are the four (4) tracks I can 'really' get into. Especially "BLOODKULT"!!! And NOT because 'Jon Torres' who was 'family' wrote it, it's because it's by 'far' the "HEAVIEST" track on 'The Evolution Of Chaos'!

OK, so I suppose there's another 'bit' of dis-liking on 'The Evolution Of Chaos', it's not the 'heavy/technical/thrash-metal' say to 'Breaking The Silence' & 'Victims Of Deception'. A bit 'too' much 'melodic' & 'slower' in some area(s). Still though, this is a 'great' CD! With over an hour of 'immaculate' guitar solos between 'Lum/Altus'.


An older review of 'The Evolution Of Chaos' from 'Metal To Infinity' can be viewed right here: http://users.telenet.be/metaltoinfinity/HeathencdreviewTheevolutionofchaos.htm

A 'personal' condolensce go out to the following: "Sam Kress" - "Paul Baloff" - "Mike Jastremski" - "Jon Torres" ... 'Thank you' ALL for HELLA years of 'Bay Area' metal!!! 'Rest In Peace'.

My rating: 84/100 (Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

'Heathen' Line-Up:

*David White - Vocals

*Lee Altus - Guitar

*Kragen Lum - Guitar

*Jon Torres - Bass

*Darren Minter - Drums

Special guest appearance by Terry Lauderdale. Rob Dukes & Gary Holt appear courtesy of Exodus & Nuclear Blast Records. Steve Di Giorgio & Jon Allen appear courtesy of Sadus & Mascot Records.

'Backing vocals':

David White, Juan Urteaga, Jon Torres, Kragen Lum, Darren Minter, Jon Allen, Rob Dukes, Dean Bardwell, Adam Harrington, Tambre Bryant, Terry Lauderdale, Squeak.

*Produced by Juan Urteaga. Co-produced by Heathen!

*Recorded by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios - Pacheco, CA.

*Mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios - Ribe, Denmark. Studio assistant: Jeppe Andersson.

*Artwork & layout by Travis Smith & Heathen! Photography by Alina 'Squeak' Hernes.


'The Evolution Of Chaos' tracks: 1) Intro, 2) Dying Season, 3) Control By Chaos, 4) No Stone Overturned, 5) Arrows Of Agony, 6) Fade Away, 7) A Hero's Welcome, 8) Undone, 9) Bloodkult, 10) Red Tears Of Disgrace, 11) Silent Nothingness; time 1:08:24.

'Heathen' info:

*Metal Archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Heathen/378

*ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/heathen

*Google+: https://plus.google.com/114890762780999018518/posts

*MySpace: https://myspace.com/heathenmetal

*E-mail:Juia Sentker / E.M.M.A. - juliasentker@gmail.com ...





(Limb Music Records)

Review by Sloof


Offering a great compendium of the quintet’s creative years, that’s the main reason why this album is released in June 2015. A little strange, as a compilation album is best released when New Year celebrations are in sight, or when a band decides to change their style drastically. Talking about Heavens Gate, things are different. The band was active since 1987 until 1999 and from the remains of the lineup, Sascha Paeth became a legendary producer and a guitar player in Avantasia. So, the band split up just before Y2K and now, there is a compilation album released by Limb Music.


The songs that feature this release are originally on the albums “In Control” (1989), “Livin’ In Hysteria” (1991), “Hell For Sale” (1992), “Planet E” (1996) and “Menergy” (1999). No extra’s, no bonus tracks, B-side single releases, live registrations or rare material. And that’s a bit cheap… On the contrary, I wasn’t really familiar with the band, so now, I got the chance to get their best tracks (I presume), on 1 disc. It seems like Limb Music is aiming at the people that weren’t fan of the band yet. Well, so far the critics on this release, as the songs are superb and will grab you by the throat!


There are 17 tracks on this compilation and you will agree that the vocals and guitars on these songs are breathtaking! Remember the good old days with Helloween, GammaRay! These times are coming back and thanks to Heavens Gate, we don’t mind at all! Fine Heavy Metal with the traditional elements: high pace, high vocals, and rather simple straight forward riffs.


‘In Control’ could be one of Judas Priest their songs as it radiates the same vibe of the Metal God! And same goes on with ‘Surrender’ and ‘Tyrants’! ‘Path Of Glory’ has a lot of Manowar influences, albeit with a vocalist that has a much higher range. The arrangement, the solos, the structure of the song reminds me to the glorious days of Battle Hymns! There are worse bands to be compared with, isn’t it! I must say that I’m really enthusiastic about ‘Best For Sale’, it’s only a pity that we won’t be able to see this band on live stages in the future. All members went their own separate ways and this compilation album is the one and only essential legacy that Heavens Gate left behind!

My rating: 85/100 (Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)





Review by Sloof



The band ‘Herfst’ was conceived just before Y2K in the area of Flemish Brabant and succeeded to release a few EP’s and 1 full length album so far. Recently, they went on a small tour in Holland and I attended one of their gigs at Burgfest/Oostburg. Although I knew their material already, it was the first time that I saw them live and they surprised me all the way!


The band played their set with an extremely intense, passionate and dedicated effort, while creating an unique and macabre ink-black Death Metal vibe. Herfst (translated into ‘Autumn’) is a Death Metal band with blackened influences and a lot of bombastic elements.


Their music is collecting all good elements that people demand, and they present their products with an eye on every detail. It’s always fun to hear new material of the band, and with their newest EP ‘Towards Haunted Shores’, things are unchanged. The band presents 4 songs with a playing time of 25 minutes, and a lot of things are happening, as the solos, twists and breaks are lurking from behind every corner. This is music with cool twists, interesting perspectives and original craftsmanship, and it’s obvious that the more you listen to the songs, the more you will discover. Their melancholic approach is mingled with necromantic Black and Death Metal and the whole thing is immersed in a dark atmosphere. It would be easy to say that Herfst sounds a bit like Dimmu Borgir (I deeply respect them), but that would be too easy. They tend to have influences but at the same moment, there are so many different angles that are mixed into the songs that Dimmu Borgir is only a small reference.


For example the first track on this new EP. ‘She Dwells The Moors’ is a perfect example how a good song should sound. The guitars in this song are like galloping hordes (time frame 1:17), inciting the crowd to go wild all the way. In the second part of this track, we get a kind of spoken word that gives a Carach Angren twist and I can only conclude that this first song is a track of 6 minutes pure pleaure! The album continues on this high quality level with the track ‘The Thing In The Deep’ that breathes passion and dedicated musicians. The guitar solos of Bram Vancauter are noteworthy as I was surprised about the sensitive approach and at the same time the impact of these beautiful solos in an extreme genre like this. Awesome!!


‘Three Spells’ is the next attack and this song has a totally different approach. This track has a darker and a more threatening style, and because the pace slows down, it becomes extremely heavy. It’s not my favorite track on this new EP, but it fits really well in between the other tracks. The final song takes almost 8 minutes, so you know that a lot of things are going to happen. As the music is progressing, the speed is accelerating as well, and at the end I must say that this is another highlight on this EP.


Mixing and mastering took place at the Unisound Studio of Dan Swanö and as always, Dan did a wonderful job! This is a top-notch product from a Belgian band, and lately I’m really spoiled with Belgian releases. Check Ethernity, Thurisaz, Guilty As Charged, Hell City, Saille among others and you will agree that the Belgian scene is alive and kicking like never before. From now on, Herfst can be labeled as the promising act in Black and Death Metal and it’s a shame that they are still unsigned. http://www.herfstofficial.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Herfstofficial?fref=photo


My rating: 90/100 (Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)




(Heaven And Hell Records)

Review by Nathan McLeod


'HexenHammer', or 'HXH', indeed is a VERY 'obscure' name for a band, a bit (original). Really had to do a bit of research regarding 'HexenHammer', an 'obscure' name for an even 'more' obscure band, home-based out of 'Columbia, TN'. Out of 'curiosity'; Googled it.


Smack dab in the 'middle' or 'heart' of 'Tennessee', almost 'centering' the 'Bible Belt' of the 'South-East, United States'. A bit more 'obscurity' with 'HexenHammer', their time & era of 'existence' from the 'mid-80's to 1990', a band wearing 'hooded masks', 'pre-modern' 'GWAR', similarly that of 'The Mentors'. 'HexenHammer' was probably very well NOT 'perceived' & or 'taken' in what appears as a 'small-nit' community & city of 'Columbia, TN'?!


Having dropped off the 'metal-radar' in '1990', picking up where I've researched with the 'apparent' suicide-death of drummer 'John McLain' (RIP), in '1993', to recent talks with 'Heaven & Hell Records' owner: 'Jeremy Golden', back a little bit of 'Metal To Infinity' advertisement of 'HexenHammer': http://metaltoinfinity.be/WORLD%20OF%20METAL/hexenhammer.html ...


'HexenHammer' had released a 'handful' of 'demos' in their 'short-lived' tenure as a 'metal' band consisting of some 'deep-rooted' sounds & influential styles of 'Venom', 'Possessed/pre-Possessed Blizzard', with the likes of 'Florida-based': 'Cynic' & 'Atheist': whom lost 'Roger Patterson' tragically in the early-90's. (Rest In Peace). Bringing a style of 'metal' often times of 'Celtic Frost/Hellhammer' reminiscent days. 'HexenHammer's' genre of 'metal' is not easily described with 'hints' of 'Doom-Thrash-Death-Speed-Black-metal' ... Hard to call.


Digitally re-mastered tracks / re-released on 'Heaven & Hell Records' from 'North Carolina', I would really like to hear some 'original' demo tracks from 'HexenHammer's - Underground'.

My rating: 81/100 (Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

'HexenHammer' personal:

*Ronnie Dean: Vocals/Guitar

*Gene Davis: Guitar/Backing Vocals

*Doug Williams: Bass

*John McClain: Drums (RIP: 24AUG68-04JAN93)

'Underground' track info:

1) Fear, 2) Hatred Within, 3) I'm Alive, 4) Princess Of The Grave, 5) Invasion (The Victims & The Vanquished), 6) Dominate, 7) The Untouchables, 8) Cryptographik, 9) Witching Hour; total run-time (almost an hour).

HexenHammer info:

*Facebook: www.facebook.com/HexenhammerUS

*Website: www.heavenandhellrecords.com

*Band Camp: heavenandhellrecords.bandcamp.com

Additional info:

*YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/PitchforkVisuals

*Metal Archives: www.metal-archives.com/bands/HexenHammer/51764#band_tab_members





(Gain Records)

Review by Sloof


I don’t know why, but when I received this album I thought that we were dealing with an emocore or metalcore band like Of Mice & Men, Our Last Night and Beartooth. Luckily, the sonic violence and released hurdle was limited and totally diverse as Hide The Knives can be catalogued as an Alternative Hard Rock band with a high quality factor! The songs on ‘Silence The Youth’ are all in the same style and direction and the pace is all over the album identical. The vocals of Glen Gilbert demand an important spot in the overall sound of the band, but his voice is admirable and pleasant to listen to. But there is more, as a little detective work has yielded many more about this band!


This history of Hide The Knives isn’t that rosy, as the band split up shortly after the release of their debut album (‘Savior For Sale’). Glen Gilbert (Vocals and Guitar) decided that Sweden contains loads of musicians, so the quest for a new, stable lineup started around 2011. Since mid-October 2014, the successor of ‘Savior For Sale’ is available, and I was quite surprised when I took a good look at the songs. There are 5 songs out of 10 that featured the debut album as well, so there are only 5 new tracks available on this release.


I guess that Sony Music wanted to give it another try without changing too much, but that’s what I call ‘buy a pig in a poke’. Furthermore, the re-released songs are much better compared with the new material, so I think that the future of Hide The Knives will be of short duration… The whole album isn’t bad, but only suitable for those that like ‘radio friendly’ material and songs that tend to The Cure and associates.


Tracks 1,2,7,8 and 10 are the new songs, so I advise to get directly to the tracks 3,4,5 and 6 to listen to the better material. Next time, it would be advisable to wait a little longer before entering the recording studio, and deliver a brand new album instead of a re-release of the best songs and a few fillers…

My rating: 73/100 (Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing)





(Metal On Metal Records)

Review by Stefan


Being an old school metal fan, it's my pleasure to discuss the new CD from an Italian Speed Metal quartet named HI-GH, formed in early 2012.


The first effort for HI-GH was a five song EP entitled “Loud Frequences On Planet Jupiter”, released in May 2012. Over time, HI-GH have created a good live reputation, wherever they climbed the stage, a flood of thundering power and passion for old school metal descended over the audience. A band that definitely has not missed their start and there was more to follow. HI-GH’s first full length album “Night Dances” saw the light of day in April 2013, through L.A. Riot Survivor Records. I haven't heard the album myself so I can’t give my opinion, but from the info I found on the Internet, it must have been a very varied effort; 80s Speed/Thrash Metal with Rock’n Roll, Punk and even 60s/70s Psychedelia elements. Quite a lot to swallow, if you ask me!


In 2013 the band got in touch with Jowita and her husband Simone from Metal On Metal Records, and it didn’t take long before they signed a deal for the second album HI-GH had been working on. “Till Death And After” was released on November 14th 2014 and believe me when I say that it’s one of the best Italian Speed Metal albums I’ve heard in years.


The top-notch cover art by Mrs. Kaminska shows the guys of HI-GH portrayed as zombies dressed in denim and leather, spikes and bullet belts, and torn T-shirts with bands that have clearly influenced these Italian maniacs. This image gives you a perfect hint about what you are going to hear as far as the style is concerned, and it’s Metal as pure as can be! In the booklet you can see nice, full coloured pictures of the band members and the lyrics are included as well, so the outside of this release looks very professional but what about the inside, the music itself?


One thing is absolutely clear; HI-GH doesn’t care about the contemporary music. They bring a hodgepodge of Speed and Thrash Metal spiced up with ingredients taken from the good old NWOBHM/Classic Metal and Punk as well. When I listen to the musicians individually, I notice how very skilled these guys are at what they do, despite their young age. Playing most of their songs in a very dynamic and up-tempo way, they really deliver the goods. But they also know well when it’s time to change the pace. Slowly, Psyki, RedEyes and Oki are able to offer the listener a wide range of variations, an encouraging feature of these young fellows!


The rather dirty production only adds value to the album and fits perfectly to this genre… you should play “Till Death And After” CD at high volume if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. As a guitar maniac myself, I really enjoyed the ongoing battle between both axe-wielders. Fast, melodic riffs and solos skillfully served with an eye for technical detail, I was pleasantly surprised. Also the vocals fit really well into the picture, rough and raw alternating with a few high-pitched lines, great! Fans of the legendary ultra heavy bass works of Lemmy himself and aficionados of Exciter’s Dan Beehler pounding Metal drums are urged to put this album on their wishlist.


The future of this young band looks bright to me and they deserve a place on the prestigious KIT festival stage. “Till Death And After” brings back the old school in a refreshing manner, and while listening to these songs, I relive the good vibrations of the best days of my life, the 80s! Fans of very early Metallica/Megadeth, Motorhead, Abattoir, Vectom, Evil Invaders, Exciter, G.B.H., English Dogs, Venom, Sodom. Check ’em out via Facebook - Order HERE .

My rating: 88/100 (Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)




(Black Devil Records)

Review by Nathan McLeod


'Bienvenidos a Hirax'! From the 'depths' of 'Long Beach, CA', 'Katon W. "El Diablo Negro" De Pena' & company have been since '1984' been spitting out the 'Devil's' blood & their brand of legendary 'thrash-metal' as such 'legends' should! And with their 'El Rostro de la Muerte' CD addition to numerous 'full-length'-'EP'-'demo'-'split'-'compilations' under 'Hirax's' belt, 'El Rostro de la Muerte' is NO exception to 'thrash-metal' so true to the metal genre!


I've seen 'Hirax' several times over the years & with several different 'line-ups'. These lads are just fucking true to 'thrash-metal' in addition to 'pioneering' the metal genre in 'Southern California'! And this 'Hirax' line-up appearing on 'El Rostro de la Muerte' is pure 'bone-crushing' thrash as it should definitely be!!!


Early in the 'Hirax' career I had heard A LOT of 'dis-liking' to 'Katon's' vocals as I did to the great 'Sean Killian' of 'Vio-lence'. And why? Mainly due to at the time 'both' vocal styles were 'uncommon' or 'different'. BIG FUCKING DEAL! Whether you're talking 'Vio-lence' or 'Hirax' here, amongst & amidst so many / yet so few, they've carved their name is stone & helped 'pioneer' the 'thrash-metal' genre as WTF it is today. I 'personally' welcome 'different' & 'obscure'! Or what? Everything sounding like 'Metallicrap' or 'MegaDave & The Crustaines'? "SELL-OUTS"!!!


As well, researching 'other' reviews of 'El Rostro de la Muerte' & receiving a 'poor' rating? OK! Whoa!! They must be fucking deaf!!!??? 'El Rostro de la Muerte' : 'The Face Of Death' to lame fucks who only understand 'Americon', is 'Class-A' 'thrash-metal' from beginning to the VERY end! Some really 'twisted/demented' 'but VERY true' instrumental/intros within 'El Rostro de la Muerte'. Even some 'elabourate' piano work done on 'Cuando Cae la Oscuridad' : once again to you 'Americon's', it means 'When Darkness Falls'.


Have a look ladies & gentlemen at their 'El Rostro de la Muerte' title track video: https://youtu.be/-_VfDAFS5n4 ... This is WTF is 'delivered' on 'El Rostro de la Muerte'.


Anyhow, there seems to be some sort of problem from 'Hirax's' current label & receiving copies of their last CD effort to review; so, I shall NOT!

'El Rostro de la Muerte' on 'Black Devil Records' receives the following:

My rating: 97/100 (95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)

1) Baptized By Fire, 2) Flesh & Blood, 3) Eradicate Mankind, 4) Chaos & Brutality, 5) El Rostro de la Muerte (The Face Of Death), 6) Blind Faith, 7) Horrified, 8) Battle Of The North, 9) The Laws Of Temptation, 10) Death Militia, 11) Broken Neck, 12) Violent Assault, 13) Cuando Cae la Oscuridad (When Darkness Falls), 14) Satan's Fall : total run-time 52:57.

*Katon W. De Pena - Vocals / *Glenn Rogers - Guitar / *Lance Harrison - Guitar / *Steve Harrison - Bass /

*Jorge Iacobellis - Drums

*ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/hirax

*Metal Archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Hirax/1617

*Website: http://www.blackdevilrecords.com/