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Questionnaire by Sloof

Blasted To Static is an All-Star Metal band from the United States of America being busy recording its debut album that’ll see daylight late 2015/early 2016. The line-up is quite impressive and I look curiously forward to these guys’ first album. I have the ability to fire away some questions to Jeff Martin, the frontman we all know from great acts like Racer X, Leatherwolf, Badlands and Surgical Steel.  Lets’ find out some more about thee guys…

Q: Hi Jeff, welcome at Metal To Infinity webzine Belgium ! Benjamin from Online Metal Promo told me about your new band Blasted To Static featuring nothing but iconic musicians. Save us from the dark and tell us who’s on board on the BTS ranks.

A: Thanks for taking the time guys – Well, my partner in crime is guitarist Stu Marshall for this band, he may not be a household name yet but plays guitar in the band Death Dealer. On drums we have Sydney Session drummer Clay T and on Bass the amazing Rev Jones who plays with Michael Schenker – it’s a fun team.

Q: Who came trotting up with the idea to form this band?

A: Originally Stu approached me being a huge Racer X Fan, and he was releasing a solo cd. The idea was for me to sing a single track on the album and it all developed from there. The formation idea was both of us feeling really good about the writing chemistry and from there is evolved.

Q: Please introduce all the members of Blasted To Static and mention the bands in which they currently play.

A: Well, I mentioned Stu – He has the chops in the Racer X realm but understands melody so yeah.. He’s currently in a band called Death Dealer that features Ross the Boss from Manowar, he was previously in a band called Dungeon and they did some European touring with Megadeth and stuff like that

My buddy Rev Jones on Bass. He’s a total bass maniac and currently plays for Michael Schenker, I think at writing this he is recording for Leslie West so he’s definitely the *go too* guy for anyone looking for a bass genius.

Finally Clay T is a buddy of Stu’s from Sydney Australia. He’s a popular session drummer downunder.

Q: I know you played in greats like UFO, Leatherwolf, Racer X among other. How’s the contemporary collaboration with these bands?

A: As in do I work with these guys?  I guess the relationships and friendships are strong but with Blasted to Static, I’m finding a lot of my time is absorbed with that.

Q: By which ambitions the musical activities of Blasted To Static were launched and what about the first rehearsal, was the mutual musical understanding successfully right from the start?

A: The vibe is very strong. Between the players it’s a great feeling. The plan is definitely to hit the road in support of the album 2016.

Q: Meanwhile the recordings for a debut album have started, first on I’d like to know what style we can expect. How would you define Blasted To Static’s way of music?

A: It’s a blend of the European power rock style, we like bands like Black Sabbath, Queen and ELO, But, there’s shred influences – so it’s familiar sounding without losing people but definitely a fresh take. We hope!

Q: With which bands would you like to be compared?

A: It has Racer X influences because of Stu being a fan so, we will have some familiar ground there but also the songs.. we all love the Beatles, Queen, Sabbath and classic rock so there is this influence also.

Q: Who’s the producer and song writer in the band – with which topics the songs will be written?

A: Well Stu has been the producer, mixing and mastering guy as he has a studio down in Sydney Australia, but the writing is has been a 50/50 between the two of us. The topics vary from a song about a Coven of Witches through to personal and emotive song about the human spirit.

Q: The key question that is burning on my lips – around which time the album is expected and do you already have a clue about the title?

A: Well, the album is almost 100% and we are planning on a late 2015 release. The next step is to shop it across a range of labels and see what their plan will be for the album. So far, no titles discussed but it could very well be self titled.

Q: Will it be a self financed effort or have you, meanwhile, been approached by a record company?

A: So far we have handled all the finances and with Stu running production it’s saved a fortune. Our focus will be on finding a label that wants to support some widescale touring and find the best long term option for BTS.

Q: Have Blasted To Static already played for a live audience? If so, how the crowd reacted?

A: No live shows yet but it’s definitely going to be something we plan for in 2016 after the release of the first album .

Q: I suppose that all the players will be busy in the coming months with the recordings of the album and other musical pursuits regarding their other projects. Any Summer festivals to mention?

A: Again, the touring is set for 2016 so we will be looking into all options to get this band out there – it’s exciting on many levels.

Q: Well, nice meeting you here at Metal To Infinity webzine Belgium Jeff. If you have some final words for our readers, go for it brother and thanks again for this conversation!

A: Please drop past our facebook page where we add news, a heap of music is to come.