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Questionnaire by Stefan

Back in December 2013 I had a talk with Leather Leone, singer in US Metal legends Chastain with whom she released the classics “Mystery Of Illusion”, “Ruler Of The Wasteland”, “The 7th. Of Never”, “Voice Of The Cult” and “For those Who Dare”. Piece by piece outstanding albums those who are notched in my heart and soul forever and ever.  She also created one solo album and recorded one effort as The Sledge/Leather Project. Leather returned to Chastain as the band was reunited and released the “Surrender To No One” album through Leviathan Records. Now one of my favourite US Metal outfits Chastain is back with a brand new cut entitled “We Bleed Metal” and I’m very pleased once again to speak with the one and only Leather Leone, along with shred maestro David. T. Chastain, figurehead within the band.

Q: It gives me a great honor to welcome you again here at Metal To Infinity Webzine Belgium, how are you?

Leather Leone: I am great and incredibly excited about "We bleed Metal".  Thanks for having me back!

Q: During our first interview, we had some kind of a background history talking about the early days of your musical experiences with Chastain as can be read at http://www.metaltoinfinity.be/INTERVIEWS/Chastain_2013.html We also spoke about the release of “No One Surrender” album and now, the time has come to spread the word of “We Bleed Metal”, Chastain’s newest effort. First of all, are there any changes happened with  relation to the group occupancy?

Leather Leone: The recording of the new Chastain has all the same members ... We certainly hit our groove in the studio and wanted to continue to “Bleed Metal!!”

Q: Can you say that the previous album has fulfilled all of your expectations? How big was the success, please give your own rating on a scale of 10.

Leather Leone: I give it a 5/10... I wasn't pleased with my performance at all. I had a lot to work out vocally. But thanks to all of you who were very enthusiastic and supportive of "Surrender To No One".  Because of all of you I was able to record the new one!

Q: With which ambitions this eleventh album was established?

Leather Leone: The ambitions are always the same.....To create the best music and give my best vocal performance . To work as a team to make the CD as great as it can possible be!!

Q: The new Chastain effort comes with the appropriate titled “We Bleed Metal”, what’s the story behind?

Leather Leone: The story behind the title "We bleed Metal" is as it says.   It is a feeling, a way of life.  We are part of a special culture, a unique strong expression of life through music. Some consider us the underdog.... but you can't throw us away.  It's in our blood plain and simple. It is a privilege to fight for the family!

Q: Can we expect some kind of a conceptual release? Give us some more details on the lyrical subjects?

Leather Leone: I would not say a concept record, but as Chastain we always stand proud and tall. You can expect a kick ass straight forward Metal record. We don't go with the trend. We just write what David and I have done for years. We absolutely have a style of writing that has never left us.... it's the place we will forever come from!

Q: Is "We Bleed Metal" similar to your previous efforts or did you have added some new elements to the songs this time?

Leather Leone: I believe we have some cool melodies on this record.  Chastain is shredding. To me the songs are stronger and much more exciting as we have jumped into the studio again. There is a plethora of guitar sounds which add a unique headphone experience. I am so proud of this record as you can tell!

Q: By the way, who wrote the songs and where the recordings took place?

Leather Leone: Chastain wrote all the tracks on "We Bleed Metal" with the exception of the last track "Secrets." The recording process took place all over the world from Norway, Cincinnati, San Francisco to finally Atlanta, Georgia.

Q: In the US “We Bleed Metal” comes out via Leviathan Records, in Europe the new Chastain album will see the light of day through Pure Steel Records. What about the official release dates of both editions?

Leather Leone: Worldwide release is Nov 6th for CDs and Digital. A vinyl release will be in early 2016.

Q: Cover artwork for both US and European releases looks fantastic, who’s the creator?

Leather Leone: I'm not sure about the Euro cover but the US cover is by Muhammed rijal/ DJaledit. Glad you like them!

Q: How would you like to announce “We Bleed Metal” – what type of metalheads should order the piece without any doubt?

Leather Leone: All Metalheads should order this record. It’s great basic Metal music. It has all the elements that we collectively want.   It’s shredding, unconditional Metal music! For our long time friends and newcomers it won’t disappoint.

Come with me on this one!!!!

Q: A new album is usually coupled with a Tour, what about the concert schedule with the eye on the near future? I hope that one day, Chastain will play on Belgian soil as well!

Leather Leone: Unfortunately Chastain has become a recording project only. I, as Leather am attempting to get to all ends of the planet. Stay tuned and with me!!

Q: Besides Chastain, are you still involved with other projects/bands at the moment?

Leather Leone: At this time I have no other projects going on.  Chastain has had my undivided attention for 3 years. I'm not sure where I will venture next, if at all.

Q: The end of 2015 gradually comes into view, how do you look back on this year?

Leather Leone: I look at 2015 as 2 things. A year of great accomplishment and total frustration. I have been working at getting on the road and have created a record I am extremely proud of. 

Q: What can we expect from you and Chastain, future-oriented – what are the plans Leather?

Leather Leone: I can’t answer for Chastain, if it was up to me the answer would be much different. My plans as Leather are to get out and play as much as possible before I hit the dirt!!!!

Q: Well, I hope to catch the new Chastain effort “We Bleed Metal” soon so I can make up my own mind on the end result. It’ll be a pleasure and honour to pen down a review of it, meanwhile I’d like to thank you a lot for the willingness doing this conversation. Loads of success with the new album and let’s stay in touch by the grace of US Metal! Please finalise the conversation with your own words.

Leather Leone: Love and Dio to you and all the Metalheads who have blessed me through the years. I will continue to spread the word. because "We all bleed Metal"... Find me at www.leatherleone.com

All info in the band and new music with vinyl releases:

 www.leviathanrecords.com  / www.puresteel-records.com