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Questionnaire by Nathan McLeod


Introducing 'Leave Scars', again, another kick-ass 'Belgian-based' thrash-metal artist I've yet to catch live on stage. And yet another, am 'not' unfamiliar with their 'material'. Formed in 2005, from Turnhout, Belgium, 'Leave Scars', into a decade of existence are 'not' strangers to the 'Belgian' thrash-metal scene! With two full-length CD's & compilation CD appearances under their belts, time permitting, been given the chance to speak to 'Leave Scars' axeman 'Djoni Tregub' & drummer 'Kris Boenders'.



Q: Djoni, Kris, 'thank you' both for taking the time out of your day with this interview from 'Metal To Infinity'. Gratefully appreciated here at 'Metal To Infinity' & beyond!



'Djoni': Pleasure is all ours! It’s not like we get to do an interview with someone from the other side of the world every day.



'Kris': No prob, thx for the interview and the support you’re giving us in the U.S.A.!



Q:  VERY 'impressive' work with 'both' your 2013 debut release of 'The Arrival', & 'much' more with the 2015 follow-up release of 'Chain Of Redemption'!



'Djoni': Thank you very much!



'Kris': We’re trying to bring the band up to another level with every CD without losing our roots.



Q:  And since the release of 'Chains Of Redemption', 'Leave Scars' has been quite busy with touring in support of the CD. How was the 'experience' - 'appearance' on the '2,000 Tons Of Metal' for 'Leave Scars'?



'Djoni': Well, we’ve never played on a boat before so it was a very special experience … 100% not safe, but special!



'Kris': I’ve never played a gig in the rain but everyone stood on deck and we even managed to get a “wall of death” from port to starboard. It almost turned into Davy Jones’ Chest. Aaargghh!



Q: In your own words, what other 'Leave Scars' live appearances since the release of 'Chains Of Redemption' do you feel were 'monumental' performances?



'Djoni': Small, packed, sweaty venues are usually the most memorable, it’s hard to pick one really.



'Kris': This is a difficult question to answer, everywhere we did our release show, it kicked ass. On every venue we had our fan base and they thrashed the place. The response of the crowd is always monumental.



Q:  Are there any 'tentative' tour plans for 'Leave Scars' outside of 'Europe'? If so, are you able to give us here at 'Metal To Infinity' where possibly?



'Djoni': If the opportunity presents itself, definitely! So far we didn’t get any “buy-in” offers but it would be nice to go on tour without losing too much money … we all do have to pay our rent and buy clothes for our girlfriend. *sigh*



'Kris': If we can get the opportunity for a buy-in or from a tour manager – booking agency. We’re in!!



Q: 'Djoni', now you front another band 'Temptations For The Weak', & 'Kris', on occasion drum for a 'Metallica' tribute band 'The Unforgiven'. Could you 'both' give us at 'Metal To Infinity' some 'in-depth' info about 'Temptations For The Weak' & 'The Unforgiven'? I've seen a recent live clip with 'Kris' & 'The Unforgiven' in 'Bulgaria' I believe it was? As for 'Temptations For The Weak', honestly speaking, I've yet to have a chance to listen to any material:



'Djoni': Well it’s a band I started with a friend of mine 4 years ago so it’s kind of “my baby”. Last year we also got to play Graspop Metal Meeting (biggest metal festival in Belgium) just like we did with LS the year before. Currently we are working on a new Full-length CD which will be released July/August 2015. You can check out the songs “Underneath The Skin” and “In Time” onYouTube which are rough mixes to give you an idea!


'Kris': The guys from “The Unforgiven” are old friends of mine. In the early years I was the drummer of “Sanitarium”. The tribute Metallica band from Belgium and our Dutch friends from The Unforgiven had some gigs but their drummer has left the band so they ask me to fill in. I’ve played one and a half year a tour with them until they’ve found a new drummer. A couple of weeks ago i got a message from them asking me to do a gig in Bulgary ‘cause the drummer couldn’t make it. I took this apportunity with both hands to play in Sofia and to bring our new LS CD to the people over there.



Q: Aside from your side projects/bands, are any of the other 'Leave Scars' members currently in 'other' bands? To the best of you knowledge anyways.



'Djoni': ?



'Kris': Ath, our bassist, has been busy with some side projects but those are more underground scene based.



Q: I just recently gave 'Chains Of Redemption' a 'supplemental' review here at 'Metal To Infinity', with an 'initial' review done back in April 2015. Generally speaking, what are your 'thoughts' given with 'both' 'Metal To Infinity' review(s) of 'Chains Of Redemption'? Anything at all:



'Djoni': We were all very happy with the review! When you’re putting out new material it’s difficult to predict whether people are going to like it or not since we all heard those “new” songs a million times so it is very rewarding to receive a good review.



'Kris': When we see the reviews of both “The Arrival” and “Chains Of Redemption”, we see a development in our music and the reviews. Every review is a big boost for us.




Q: Since the release of 'Chains Of Redemption', how well is the CD doing? Response to it from the 'media' & 'masses'?



'Djoni': It was a step-up from “The Arrival”, for sure. We played more shows, sold more CD’s, received more reviews so there is definitely talk about the band out there and that’s nice!



'Kris': Our fans are the most important people of all. Without them we’re nothing. Every fan is a VIP for us.



Q: I believe an 'exceptional' - 'over the top' job was well done with the release of 'Chains Of Redemption'! How was it your relationship began with 'Spinal Records' whom released 'Chains Of Redemption'?



'Djoni': Well, we’ve been looking for a label for quite some time without any luck up until we won the Red Bull Bedroom Jam.

One of the jury members named Marc De Keyzer liked our band and just one thing led to another.



'Kris': We’re glad to be signed by a label in the Benelux ‘cause for a metal band it’s really difficult to get signed. Marc is getting all the promo and stuff going on in Europe and major big thx to 'Malevolence Records' for the support in the U.S.A. With these 2 labels working together, the whole world will be getting to know Leave Scars.



Q: Has 'Leave Scars' any 'new' material written for a 'follow-up' release to 'Chains Of Redemption'? 'EP-length', 'full-length', 'live' material?



'Djoni': I do have a bunch of riffs/ideas on my PC (but don’t tell ‘em that!) but other than that not really. We’re still trying to enjoy.



'Kris': Djoni? Do you got something new going on? Let’s thrash this shit out of them on the new CD!!! We’re gonna be fucking Leave Scars!!!



Q: 'Djoni & Kris', before I wrap up this interview, I'd like to 'again' say 'thank you' for your valuable time taken out doing this interview with 'Metal To Infinity'. Additionally would like to ask what the 'future' plans are for 'Leave Scars'? And 'anything' I may have missed in this interview would you 'both' care to comment on? 'Rants', 'raves', 'hellos', etc.:



'Djoni': Thank YOU for taking the time spreading the word about our band, words cannot describe our gratitude! Hopefully we can meet up some day and share a nice Belgian Thrash metal mosh pit with you!



'Kris': Nate, thx for the opportunity to show the world what’s Leave Scars all about. Thx for everyone who supports us, joined us live, helped us, and most of all: We want to see YOU in the circle pit and Wall of Death!!!!