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Questionnaire by Stefan

Back in April 2011 I had a first talk with the guitarist of North American Metal band Predator regarding the release of their “Born In Blood” album and other matters. I have heard that Predator’s is currently busy with the recordings of a sophomore effort and due to their former album grabbed me by the throat, it’s my pleasure to have another conversation with Damien Lee Thorr, the competent person for all breathtaking guitar tactics.


Q: Welcome again at Metal To Infinity Damien, nearly four years flew by in an instant. Do you remember our first talk?

A: I do. I want to thank you because you have always been a very loyal friend and supporter of Predator and that makes you one of the best people on the planet.


Q: To those unfamiliar with Predator, can you briefly tell where you came from and how the band was formed?

A: I founded the band with our old guitarist, Reiser few years back and we have gone through some lineup changes inthe last couple of years. Predator is currently me on guitar, Nestor Aguirre on vocals, Jairo Castaño on guitar, Mike Bugarin on Bass and Darrin McNair on Drums.

Q: How would you like to describe Predator’s way of Metal?

A: The jury is out on that one. Some say we are power metal and some say we are thrash. People say we are the love child of Slayer and Iron Maiden. It is hard to label us because we don’t sound like anyone else.

Q: How’s life at the moment in the US, what have you been with busy today?

A: Everything’s cool. We are breaking Darrin into the band and getting our set list ready so we can go out and perform. We lost a lot of time dealing with our old drummer who wasted our time but we are now moving forward. We also want to start recording the third album which i finished writing last year.


Q: Predator’s last album “Born In Blood” was a real good one to me, was it a success to you?

A: It did well but we want to do better. It is still selling and we have a great distributor who has gotten our sales world wide.


Q: How has this album scored abroad?

A: It sold more in Europe than in the US.




Q: We are now almost four years later, what the band has achieved during this period of time?

A: Like I said, we lost a lot of time waiting for drummers to take responsibility. The drummer from the second album did nothing but waste our time. It took him more than a year to learn the material and still never played it correctly. Our last drummer kept disappearing on us so we got tired of waiting.


Q: You have a lot of live performances finished - with which bands you’ve shared the stage in recent years?

A: Sabbaton, Iced Earth, Revamp....


Q: You are working on a new album, right?

A: Yes. It will be called, "Castles In The Sky".


Q: What to expect Damien, same style as before?

A: Pure Predator sound. Loud, heavy and fast.


Q: The line-up remained untouched whether there are internal changes happened?

A: No. We had some changes right after Born In Blood.


Q: I was wondering if you guys meanwhile have signed a contract – if so, tell me about please.

A: We have world wide distribution contract with MVD.


Q: Being a US Metal band, how difficult is it to build a fan base abroad, how’s the fame in, let’s say, Europe?

A: It seems from the debut album our followers have been good and loyal to us.


Q: Do you have any knowledge regarding the Belgian Metal movement?

A: No. But we really want to perform all over the world and Belgium should be one of our stops so I can shake your hand.


Q: How does your daily life look like Damien, what is the main professional activity?

A: I own a music store/school in Ft Lauderdale, where I teach and build custom guitars for people.  I am active with atheist groups to help change some laws, political stuff. I do art and I fly airplanes. I will hopefully get my pilot’s certificate soon.


Q: What would you mainly want to achieve with Predator – what about the foreseeable future?

A: We want to make more records and play everywhere in the world. We are the loud voice of reason, secular humanism and atheism out there so we want to spread our message.


Q: To which homepage people can surf for ordering Predator stuff?

A: People can go to www.predatortheband.com  and they can also go to my facebook page, where I personally keep in touch with fans and keep everyone updated on Predator. That link is : https://www.facebook.com/thedamienator2015



Q: If there is finally something you want to tell us, go for it Damien. Keep in touch by the grace of US Metal !

A: Lately I have been very involved with atheism and I want people to understand that atheism is not an opinion and it is not a choice. It is a conclusion based on the available evidence. It is not something to be taken negatively, especially, without the willingness to hear or understand what I have to say.

As it turns out, people only believe in god/s because they have been lied to. I was a catholic for many years because I was a victim of those lies they teach in church. It turns out that there was never any Jesus and there is evidence to prove it.

When arguing with a theist, does anyone else ever think things like "if I had a dollar for every time I hear 'I don't care how much evidence you have, I'll never give up my faith', I would be pretty wealthy"?

One of the many things I encounter with people who believe in mythology (Christianity, Islam, Judeism....), is that no matter how much scientific and archaeological evidence there is out there that debunks their beliefs, they reject it as "opinions". Isn't that a pretty good example of ignorance?

Archaeological research indicates that there are NO writings outside of scripture (which are all mythological accounts), that document anything about Jesus.  There were several writers during the first century who reported the current events of the time (political, social, natural disasters and artistic) and not one mentions anything about him. Additionally, if he was so famous, raising the dead, curing cripples, walking on water, turning water into wine and raising a ministry of hundreds of thousands and angered jews and Romans alike, there would be much reason to report something about him..... but there is silence.  There are not even any Roman court documents that mention him in spite of the fact that scripture suggests he was tried by Pilate himself. Keeping in mind, the Romans were meticulous at keeping records of everything they did to demonstrate to their superiors their hold on the people they conquered. Everything was accounted for.

One must also keep in mind that there are no birth records, death records, tax records (as the Romans taxed everyone in the region), rabbi records and there is not even any record or mention of a last name. There are simply no documentations or any real life accounts about him during his alleged existence.  He is basically another man-invented deity attached to allegorical stories like the rest of them: Thorr, Horus, Osiris, Zeus, Odin, Metzli, Xenu, etc.....  I constantly hear evangelists and apologists cite Josephus but it is irrelevant. Josephus was not a contemporary and NEVER wrote anything about him.

For a start, Josephus was born in the year 37 CE (Common Era) and the alleged crucifixion took place somewhere between 29 CE and 34 CE. In other words, he was not around to document or witness.  There is a paragraph where he is mentioned in a much later version of the Josephus writings copied by Christian scribes under the influence of Eusebius (235-339 CE), who arbitrarily edited the text and added a small paragraph about Christ in the middle of two paragraphs where it clearly does not reflect relevance. It is evident by the paragraphs that follow which show zero relevance.

Additionally, if Christ was so famous and so important to the Jews and early Christians of the time period, why only such a short paragraph? And why only ONE, for that matter?  This has been determined by ALL scholars to be a forgery, especially since the passage does not appear anywhere in the earlier versions of the writings by Josephus, therefore, no writings of Jesus exist outside of scripture. Therefore, it is all mythological.. .

The so called "eye witnesses" that Christians claim as evidence were born long after 34 CE (common era), the estimated date of the alleged crucifixion. So how could they have been witnesses to the resurrection if they were not even yet born to witness it? Christians are notorious for misrepresenting the facts.

Here are the facts regarding the "eye-witnesses" that Christians lie about: Flavius Josephus 37-100, Clement of Rome 38-102, Ignatius 35-107, Pliny 62-113, Suetonius 75-160, Tacitus 55-117, Polycarp 69-155, Justin Martyr 114-167, Lucian 125-180, Clement of Alexandria 150-211, Tertullian 155-230, Origen 185-254, Cyprian of Carthage 208-258, Eusebius 235-339. These findings have been confirmed and verified, yet, they reject it.

Sources: Oxford University Press, Dr. Bart Ehrman, Dr. Richard Carrier, Dr. Robert Price and David Fitzgerald.

As for judeism, there is no evidence outside of scripture that Moses existed. No Egyptian records ever mention him nor a mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of jews and there is no archaeological evidence to corroborate that they were slaves and wandered through the desert for 40 years. That legend is a lie. Jews have tried using the defense that the Egyptians never documented their losses or defeats but that is not true since their defeat and conquest by the Romans has been well documented as well as the burning of Alexandria and many other defeats.

Muslims believe that the Qur'an contains a message from an all-powerful, all-knowing, infallible god. If this is true then it should not contain any errors or information that contradicts known facts about the universe. If even one error exists in the text of their holy book, then the claims of divine authorship and infallibility are not true. An objective evaluation of the Qur’an shows that it contains numerous scientific and historical errors and reflects a pre-scientific, 7th century view of the natural world.

Some apologists will contest those scientific errors in the Qur'an by appealing to metaphor, alternative meanings, or supernatural interpretations of the text. Even if we accept that alternative explanations were possible in every case, the wording and content of the verses often mimic the popular mythology and unscientific misconceptions of the time in which they were written. The author makes no clear or unambiguous statements that differentiate his understanding of the natural world from the common folklore of the people living in that era.

If the Qur’an was delivered by an all-powerful, all-knowing god, then he would have been able to foresee how such misleading statements would be understood by future generations and the doubts and confusions they have caused. This alone should be reason to reject any claims to divine authorship.


The worst part is that theists are not at all interested in viewing the evidence that debunks their beliefs.


The problem with believers is that they cannot accept our atheism (they often feel threatened and they resort to insults and name-calling) because they feel they have "proof" to back up their claims in spite of evidence that debunks it all. The church controls gullible followers (who never question anything) with horror tactics, such as the threat of eternal burning hell. The facts remain that archaeological evidence demonstrates that it was man, in all cultures, who invented god/s to interpret and answer what he could not understand before we had science for valid, satisfactory answers.

When there is zero evidence to prove your imaginary god is real, that, within itself, is evidence he does not exist. However, apologists cling to their faith and one gets the feeling that a discussion with them is pretty much like administering medication to a corpse. Turning water into wine, a woman getting pregnant without a man's sperm, walking on water, a talking snake, raising the dead, the building of an ark to shelter and feed two of each species for more than a year, a woman transforming into a pillar of salt, a man swallowed alive by a whale for several days, the world being only six thousand years old, and resurrection...... These outrageous, untrue and impossible claims are nothing more than story-telling myths and should be the very first clue that the bible is not a newspaper from the past and in no way evidence of a god.

This doesn't even touch the contradictions it is overwhelmed with!!! Bottom line: They all only believe their mythology because they have been lied to. They are clearly the product of the falsehoods their organizations teach and closed to the reality that there is no god, suspending rational judgment.

Long ago Christianity became the major mythological belief due to its gargantuan violence against those who opposed it. It was never about how true or divine it was because it never has been.

Today the Islamics use threats of violence in the same manner but they should know this: WE WILL NOT YIELD TO ANY MORE MYTHOLOGICAL INSANITY THAT MASQUERADES AS REALITY!