A Talk With

GARY MESKIL (Bass/Vocals)

Questionnaire by Officer Nice

Hello guys, here Rico – aka as Officer Nice – from Belgian based Metal To Infinity webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’d like them.

Q: Introduce us to the band. The name is still unknown but our readers are surely interested in what Salvation really is.

A:  SALVATION are a 5 piece Hardcore band from Southwest Florida.   Our members are from bands such as Pro-Pain, Crumbsuckers, Burn The Kingdom, and Struggle.  We just released our debut album entitled "Resurrect The Tradition" which was just released via Mighty Music / Target Group.


Q: Can you now tell us more about the history of the band and the music?

A:  SALVATION started as a four piece band in 2013 as a result of some old friends meeting up at a First Blood / Sleeping Giant gig in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I joined the band in 2014, as I've been living in SW Florida since the late 90's and have been friends with some of the members of the band.  My other bands (Pro-Pain, Darkhaus) have members who reside abroad, so by joining SALVATION it provides me with a nice outlet to play live music here at home and on a more regular basis.


Q: The sources of inspiration are drivers. I wrote in my review that Pantera was a big source of inspiration. Agree or disagree? What drives you guys for performing this kind of music?

A:  Correct.  The majority of our band members grew up in the Pantera generation of Metal.  So, there within lies a bit of that influence.  In our style of music, it's hard not to be influenced by such an enormous influential band such as Pantera.  So, any perceived associations with their sound are taken as compliments.  Having said that, SALVATION are also very influenced by groups such as Madball, Biohazard, Earth Crisis, Sick Of It All, etc...

Q: There are still rumours about a reunion from Pantera anyway, any thoughts about it?

A:  Yes, I know that there is much speculation about it.  If I had to guess, I would say that they will probably put something together in some way, shape or form.  Perhaps not as "Pantera" per se, but something very close.  I would be happy to see it, because it would give their fans another reason to celebrate their heroes and also provide a bit of "closure".  SALVATION are available to support  : )

Q: Salvation plays, in my opinion, some kind of cross over Metal, something between Hardcore and Thrash Metal. For some reason this kind of music never really disappeared from the scène. Not that this style became or ever will become mainstream, but it’s a genre that still has lots of fans. What’s the secret about it?

A:  Most underground music fans are purists, but not all.  Crossover goes against the grain of the subculture mentality, a mentality which can be quite closed minded when it comes to embracing something which is partly from another subculture.  In my opinion, that is why Crossover remains to be such a small but loyal genre.  However, the Crossover genre maintains it's appeal, and consists of some very open minded individuals.  Perhaps it is due for a comeback, as the world calls for more tolerance.


Q: You guys just released the first album. How were the reviews until now? Agreed with my review?

A:  We are very pleased with the reviews thus far, as the vast majority have been quite generous in their critique of our debut.  I enjoyed reading your review, and couldn't help but agree on most (if not all) of your points.  So, thanks for that!


Q: Who’s the main song writer and how was time in rehearsal and in studio?

A: There are 3 main songwriters in SALVATION.  Our guitarists Steve Boomhower and Mike King write the bands music, and our lead vocalist Kimbo Reichard writes all of the lyrics.  The band writes and arranges much of it's music on a bi-weekly basis at rehearsals.  The recording studio is located directly next door to the rehearsal room, so that provided a nice level of  convenience for us.  Our engineer / producer (Corey Williams) plays drums in a Florida hardcore band called Unified Right, so he knew exactly how to get the sound we were shooting for.   He did a great job for us!

Q: The front cover shows clearly that Salvation is a live band. What can we expect from you guys on stage and will there ever be a chance we’ll see you guys in Europe?

A:  The band has a reputation for it's energetic live performances.  The stage is our "natural habitat", as we have several scene veterans in the group.  We hope to be able to take SALVATION over to Europe sometime!  I think the European audience would like what the band has to offer them.


Q: What are the lyrics about anyway? What kind of message do you want to spread to the world and who’s responsible for it? Where do you find the inspiration?

A:  I will quote our lead singer / lyricist Kimbo on this answer:  "I come from a broken family and had a very difficult upbringing.  I befriended and harbored many demons along the way, but I've been fortunate enough to turn things around with the help of my music, which is Hardcore.   I guess you could say that's where the name SALVATION comes from.  In the Hardcore scene, I can connect with strong minded people who don't believe in or conform to society's rules on "how to live".  Just because our world is falling us doesn't mean we have to fail each other.  I find inspiration from people who ride up and take a stand as a result of being oppressed and fucked over by "society's devils".


Q: Your label was pleased by our review and asked us for this interview. That’s very cool and means you have a label that supports the band! What can you tell us about it and what will be the next step?

A:  Mighty Music is doing a fine job for us.  So, everything seems to be falling into place quite nicely.  We are still in the early stages, but things seem to be developing at a brisk pace.  For the immediate future, we have some gigs lined up, and we will be announcing more shortly.  We also plan to release our 2nd video sometime in February.  Look for it!


Q: What were your favourite recent albums and maybe you can add a top 3 from your all time favourite albums. Surprise us!

A: Favorites in recent times:  Crowbar "Symmetry In White", First Blood "Silence Is Betrayal", , Lionheart "Undisputed".

Favorites of all time:  Biohazard "Urban Discipline", Suicidal Tendencies "Lights, Camera, Revolution" and Pantera "Cowboys From Hell".


Q: You guys follow the Metal scène? What are your thoughts about the scène nowadays?

A:  The Metal scene remains healthy and strong.  It's great to see so many young artists embracing the genre nowadays, which keeps things fresh, innovative and vibrant.  The Metal scene has always thrived and benefited via great support from the fans, promoters, diversity of bands, and zines (such as this one).  Metal will never die, and neither will Hardcore!



Q: Any last words for our readers and the fans?

A:  Thanks to the fans for supporting SALVATION!  Our debut album "Resurrect The Tradition" is out now!  So, please check it out if you haven't already.  Also, thanks for this interview and for your gracious review!     \m/ Gary Meskil \m/