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In response to Tad Morose’s previous album “Revenant”, I had a chat with founder of the band named Christer ‘Krunt’ Andersson. We were also talking about the early period and stuff, feel free to read all about at: http://www.metaltoinfinity.be/INTERVIEWS_2014/Tadmorose_2014.html.

A couple of weeks ago, Tad Morose released its brand new effort “St. Demonius” through Despotz Records and again, these Swedish lads grabbed me by the throat. “Revenant” earned a high ranking in my personal album top 20 list, with regard to their newest cut “St. Demonius” I’m sure this high valuation will repeat itself for this years list of most impressive albums. Tad Morose always delivered Power Metal the way it should be, I’m ready for a second conversation with the only remaining original member, guitar player Christer Andersson.

Q: It is an honour for me to welcome you here at MTI webzine for a second talk. First things first, congrats from the heart with the release of the great “St. Demonius” effort. Are you guys satisfied with the end result?

A: Wow! Thanx for your kind words! Nice to see that you like it! Well, we never get satisfied! (laughing) But to be honest, of course we are proud of St Demonius and we think it turned out pretty good. It was a hard album to make for us and we went through a lot of troubles to get it done so it feels great to see that so many people seem to like it. It makes it worth it.

Q: With regard to Tad Morose’s previous album “Revenant” – can you look back with satisfaction? Any idea about the sold copies, what about the response from the fans and media?

A: Yes we can look back at that album and be proud of that too. We didn´t know what to expect with Revenant, we had been away for so long so we didn´t know if anybody still remembered us, but they did! So that was a pretty good feeling. We got lots of great reviews on that one too and we got a bit surprised about the response from both old and new fans. It is selling pretty well too!

Q: With this talk I’d like to focus myself on the brand new effort “St. Demonius”. Some new musicians teamed up, please give a little briefing background on the newcomers.

A: Well, it is the same line-up as it was on Revenant… me and Peter (drums) has been in the band since forever and Ronny (vocals) joined in 2008 I think. He was previously in Steel Attack. Tommi (bass) joined in 2008 also. He did a few albums with Morgana Lefay in the early nineties. Kenneth (guitars) joined in 2011 I think. He was previously in Torch and The Citadell.

Q: Always dealing with line-up changes throughout the years of existence, do you have a clue for what reason?

A: We are all human. Things change in life and people change. Some loose interest and sometimes things change in life that affects your ability to play in a band. It is no easy thing being in a band, you have to be stubborn as hell and really determined about what you want to do. You do share a lot of time together and sometimes it gets just too much for some. If you are not happy with what you are doing you might as well go on and do something different.

Q: When did you decide to make a sequel for “Revenant”, who has signed up to write the songs?

A: Well, being in a band you tend to make albums. So we didn´t decide that, it was just natural. We always do it the same way. Everybody is involved in the song writing and we just write whatever feels good to us there and then.

Q: The new compositions still have an obscure character – do you have a preference for the dark side of life?

A: Nah, I don´t know, but you get influenced by everything that surrounds you and that gets into the music you write one way or the other. So looking at the world today I guess we can agree that it is pretty obscure and perhaps not that bright?

Q: Lyrical wise, will you guide us through some of songs?

A: Ah, this one is for Ronny! I´m just the guitar player! (laughing) Well, the song Forlorn is about dreaming a very scary nightmare that is so real and frightening that you know that if you would dream the same dream again you are certain that you actually would die for real.

Q: Can we speak of a conceptual album?

A: Not intended any way, but since you do an album in a limited amount of time it in a way still gets a bit conceptual perhaps.

Q: Released through Despotz Records once again, concluding from this, the mutual collaboration proceeds smoothly, right?

A: Yes it does. They are easy to work with.

Q: At what location the album was recorded and who delivered the ‘awesome’ production?

A: We recorded it the same way as we did on Revenant. We did almost everything by ourselves. I recorded the guitars at my studio, the drums, bass and vocals were recorded in Ronny´s studio (Studio Claustrophobic). Kenneth recorded his solos at his studio. It was mixed at Ronny´s studio by Ronny and Johan Löfgren and it was mastered by Per Ryberg at Studio Soundcreation here in Bollnäs.

Q: The artwork of the cover looks very dark, still breathtaking good… who’s the creator and what about this person’s background history?

A: It was done by Isis Sousa, same as Revenant. She is very, very good at what she does and she is a total pro to work with! She is fast too! On Revenant we had some ideas about a skull coming up through water or something and then she got free hands to do whatever she felt like. That turned out very good I think.

For St Demonius we really didn´t have any ideas at all. I think we said something like, “think about something blueish and King Diamond” and she took it from there. Turned out pretty damn good I think!

Q: Meanwhile, my review is up and running and like to ask for your opinion with regard to the words I’ve written.

A: Well what can I say? Thank you very much for all the kind words! But of course, it feels really good to read reviews like this! We put in a tremendous amount of time and effort on our albums and when we get reviews like this it feels totally worth it! Thanx!!!

Q: How other media sources have responded to “St. Demonius” so far?

A: It has been very good overall. So that feels great!

Q: IMO, the end result seems proportionate to your predecessor, agree or disagree?

A: Agree! No point of releasing an album that we don´t think is better than the previous one. If didn´t think that we would never release it.

Q: As I wrote in my review, Tad Morose has a lot in common with US Metal (high pitched vocals, good oiled technical grade guitars and stuff), my favourite style of music actually. Same question again, agree or disagree?

A: Agree! Totally! We heard that many times but that is a kind of metal that we grew up listening to so it is not that big of a surprise really. The European “Power Metal” seems more cheesy and happy than the American.

Q: According to yourself, has “St. Demonius” songs to offer you want to define as specific outliers?

A: I don´t know. All of them? (laughing)

Q: Will “St. Demonius” be considered as ‘best album so far’?

A: Of course. As I said above, no point releasing a new album if you don´t think that it is better than the previous one. Everybody can of course think what they want. There are always people that perhaps think that “Modus Vivendi” is the best so far or some other album. But we only judge from what we think ourselves.

Q: Recently you toured across Europe to promote the new album including two gigs in Belgium. How was the trip and experience on stage?

A: It was totally awesome! The tour was booked and promoted in a very unprofessional way which put us in a very hard situation and obviously not that many people knew about the tour. But we did what we always do, we did our best every night. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to meet some old, real hard core, Tad Morose fans again as well as a whole bunch of new ones! We also have a crew that is so damn good and they have a huge part in turning this tour into what it became, a truly fantastic experience that I never will forget! So we will be back soon!

Q: What are the plans for the coming weeks/months?

A: We have started to write songs for the next album and we got some festivals booked for winter and spring. So it is business as usual. We are talking to various booking agencies at the moment too so we´ll see what comes out of that.

Q: What is the best moment you've been through with Tad Morose up to now?

A: Ah, tough one!... There are so many! (laughing). I can´t pick one!

Q: I’m running out of questions so it’s time to thank say thanks for your willingness to participate in this interview. On behalf of the entire MTI crew, all the very best of luck with the new album and future works you’ll accomplish with Tad Morose. Maybe a final word to our readers?

A: Thank you! Well, play LOUD and be nice to each other!


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