A Talk With

ELTON (Vocals)

Questionnaire by Stefan

Recently, this young Dutch band has independently released his first CD and managed to convince me of their musical skills. Tellurion’s style has a contemporary touch and with a view to near future I see a potential value. Despite their modern approach to Power/Thrash Metal, they are reasonably able to claim my attention. Therefore, I would like to offer the band the opportunity to speak for themselves. With a number of questions going about their origin, formation, ambitions, and the like I want to let the readers acquainted with this very highly motivated from The Netherlands.

Q: Hails neighbour, welcome at Metal To Infinity webzine… what’s up in Holland these days?

A:Thanks very much. Well at the moment a lot is going on. We are receiving great reviews from great magazines and we are releasing our first video clip in about one week. Furthermore we have some great gigs lying ahead of us so we’ re pretty stoked!

Q: Let's start this conversation with the creation of the band, when and by whom Tellurion was born?

A: Tellurion started out in 2008 as a two piece band. Me (Elton-vocals) and Benjamin (guitar) wanted to start a metal band and we recorded an EP which contained 4 tracks. Soon we were joined by Matthijs Quaars (drums) and Brennan Caboor. We had several bass players over the years, but when Marvin joined us we knew he was the right guy for the job. Tellurion is now a solid machine in which everybody has an equal input and saying.

Q: Each group has its own ambitions, what about yours?

A: We want to play, play, play, play! As cliché as it may sound that is the thing that fuels our engine. We are also writing new stuff and that is an important factor that keeps things interesting for us. Of course we want to progress and we constantly have to challenge each other.

Q: Quite a strange name for a Metal band, Tellurion has something to do with a special type of watch, am I right?

A: Not exactly. A Tellurion is a clock that depicts how day, night and the seasons are caused by the movement of the Earth on its axis and its orbit around the sun.

Q: You are being announced as a Modern/Djent styled Metal act. I suspect that many people do not know about the term “Djent”, would you clarify this a bit more?

A: Djent is a subgenre from progressive metal. Meshuggah is the godfather of Djent and it’s low tuned (7 or 8 string guitars) staccato music. Despite the fact that we have some Djent influences we do not consider ourselves a Djent band. We consider ourselves Tellurion.

Q: During the early days of existence, you guys did a lot of local live shows and spoiled the fans with only covers from Pantera, Machine Head and Lamb Of God. How went the first pair of live performances, how the attendees reacted?

A: Very positive and we had a great response, but we really wanted to do our own thing you know. Playing cover songs is great and it can actually help you build up your skills, but in the end we get more satisfaction out of making our own music.

Q: Later it turned out that you wanted to create their own songs, tell me about.

A: Like I mentioned before. We want do to our own thing because it’s more rewarding for ourselves. What can be better than a club full of people banging their heads on your self made songs. Nothing beats that! I still gives me goosebumbs when I see someone singing along with the lyrics to our songs during a live set.

Q: You had some particular topics in mind with regard to the lyrical content?

A: Of course. There were some political issues I wanted to write about, some personal things etc…etc… There also are subjects that are mostly fantasies or come from a dream that I’ve had.

Q: Until the day I received your self titled debut album, I never heard of Tellurion before. So I wonder if you have delivered some other studio recordings in the past. If so, speak freely about.

A: Nope. All we have released is an EP during the beginning era.

Q: The moment has arrived to speak about your new album – tell me about the ups and downs during the recording of this record. Which people you want to introduce as being the song writer, producer, mastering engineer and stuff?

A: We all have an equal saying in the writing process. Benz or Brennan can come up with a riff or even a song that is nearly finished. I do most of the lyrics. Recording this album was a long during process because we kept changing small things regarding the songs.

It’ s always difficult to be 100% satisfied and even now with the finished product there are still things that we’ve wanted to have changed, but hey…it is what it is and we are really glad it turned out this way. We mixed the album ourselves and the mastering was done by Jochem Jacobs from Split Second Sound. He did an amazing job!

Q: How many copies were made in totalling, how many have already been sold?

A: The first pressing were 500 cd’ s, but I guess it’ s time to press some more J.

    I don’ t know how many albums we have sold yet. All I know is we can’ t complain so far.

Q: I suppose you have already read my review, can we speak of unanimity between the band and myself ?

A: Yes we can. Great review thanks!

Q: Feel free to guide me through the lyrical content of some of the tracks?

A: Apex predator is about people who will always stand above someone and boss people around without even looking at the individual person (you’re a number divided in a rank)

Stones break the water is about my father in law and his five year battle against his disease (so much left for us to say…what else can go wrong….stones break the water)

Mountains crumble is about the apocalypse (we will not fear… the end of time is drawing near)

22-7 is about the manslaughter that happened in Norway.

Q: Do you have a preference for certain numbers –what makes these so special?

A: Stones break the water is very personal and special to me (read above), but we all like

“ The Architect  “ because it’s a cool song to play. I also like ruined ‘cause we usually end our set with that song and everything just explodes on and of stage!

Q: Have you already thought about making a video clip?

A: We made a video clip for the song “ The architect “. It will be released as soon as all the editing is done and everybody gives his approval on the end result.

Q: How do you assess the near future of the band?

A: Playing lots a venues, meet interesting people and spread the word that Tellurion is out there. The beast is ready to be released hahaha.

Q: Have you been approached by one or another record company so far?

A: Not yet.

Q: I guess it’s very important to bring the new songs for a live audience, what are the plans guys?

A: Play every fucking show like it was going to be your last! That about covers it all doesn’t it?

Q: Have you already been booked for this year’s Summer festivals? I think Tellurion is locked and loaded to walk the big European stages to riled up the crowd with a furious Metal act.

A: As an “ self made “ band it is very difficult to get access to the big festivals. You really need a label+booker for that. We are now in the middle of arranging gigs and hopefully release a shitload of live dates.

Q:  May I ask for your knowledge in the Belgian Metal scene, some acts you’re familiar with?

A: Channel zero, Atmospheres, Spoil Engine, Ostrogoth etc…etc..

Q: How is the current Dutch Metal scene, can you announce a couple interested newcomers?

A: I have the idea that it’ s a little quiet in the Dutch metal scene…well at least in our region! In all honesty I don’ t really know about any newcomers!

Q:  What is your greatest wish that you want to see come true within incalculable time?

A: Performing on the big festivals (not only the summer festivals) and do a tour as support act for a bigger band ( I could name quiet a few) in the industry.

Q: Nothing left to say than thank you for this conversation guys, keep up the good works ! Any last remarks?

A: Watch us on FB and keep up with all the latest news. Come see our live shows, buy our merch and keep them heads banging!