Review by Nathan McLeod

Lay-Out by Stefan

Pictures by Nathan McLeod

Must say, there is not much to do in 'Reno, Nevada' aside from gambling.  And have 'never' really 'fancied' losing money like that. But I did get a chance to check out 'Mudface' live at the 'Knitting Factory' in downtown 'Reno' last 'Friday' evening, '28 AUG 2015'.

To get the show started, 'Jeff Stewart', axeman for the 'thrash-metal' band 'Annihilation': ... 

Gave the 'introduction' of 'Mudface' at the 'Knitting Factory'. Jeff just happens to live in the 'Reno' area.

'Mudface' is a 'metal/thrash-metal' band from the 'Bay Area'. Last time I'd seen 'Mudface' live was a few years ago at the 'Oakland Metro'. 'Tambre Bryant', wife of 'Jon Torres' had still been managing them then. In fact, 'Tambre' was in attendance. And must say, the 'Mudface' I'd seen a few years ago in comparison to last week, were like two completely different bands, with two completely different 'line-ups'.

And yes, like A LOT of artists out there today, 'Mudface' has gone thru their fair share of 'line-up' changes in their 10yr tenure. Such as 'Pete Bostaph, brother of 'Paul Bostaph' on drums. 'Ted Aguilar' of 'Death Angel' on guitar'.

The viewers can take a look at 'Mudface's - Knuckles' official video here:

... Which came out a few years ago. Can also take a listen to 'Mudface' on 'SoundCloud' here: ... They were a 5-piece band then.

They are now a 6-piece band consisting of:

*Chris - Vocals

*Brett - Keyboards/Vocals

*Rob - Guitar

*Grant - Guitar

*Jim - Bass

*Tim - Drums

With 'Chris & Brett' being the two members in 'Mudface' present-tense whom were members a few years ago whist seeing them at the 'Oakland Metro'. I'd say the BIGGEST difference from the 'Mudface' today & the 'Mudface' of yesteryear is they are HEAVIER!!! Musically 'Mudface' have always been a 'tight' band IMO.

'Mudface's' set was approximatley 40mins long consisting of the following tracks:









And a few of these tracks are tracks that are appearing on their new CD due out on 22 SEP 2015. Now for the life of me, speaking with 'Chris' after their set, I cannot remember the 'title' of their new CD. Sorry guys.

Will say this about 'Mudface' though, they are 'intensely' 'solid' live! Really cannot say what track I thought was a 'favourite' per se. From beginning to the end of their set, it was just 'solid'. I'd 'highly' recommend if you get a chance, check 'Mudface' out live in 2015-16. Don't believe you'd be disappointed. They won't bore you & actually had a great time seeing them live!

For MORE 'Mudface' information, please visit their website at: ...

From their 'website', you'll find 'other' social-media links.