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Live @ PB & J's - Reno, Nevada 10DEC15

This was my '4th' time seeing 'Soulfly' live. '1999' - '2006' - '2012' were the three (3) 'previous' years I had seen them. And they've 'always' put on one 'helluva' show! 'Soulfly' really gets the 'crowd' going & into their live set. Granted their was maybe only eighty (80) people in 'attendance' @ their gig on '10DEC15', most seemed like they were having a 'great' time. People 'thrashing' in the pit, 'crowd-surfing', & a bit of 'stage-diving'. Others were 'taping', 'filming', & or taking a lot of 'photo's'.

The 'venue' 'Soulfly' performed at, 'PB & J's' in 'Reno, NV' is a rather 'new' venue, that has 'potential'. Reminded me a bit of 'The Fillmore' in 'San Francisco' with all the concert 'flyer's' everywhere thru out the place. A really 'small' venue that may hold '250' heads, 'give or take'. (Not bad for a Thursday nite). Does 'lack' sufficient lighting, especially 'stage-right' where 'Marc Rizzo' was. Does 'lack' a bit of 'sound' too, especially with 'Zyon Cavalera' & his 'drums'. 'Reno' though is not 'San Francisco' by any 'stretch' of 'imagination' when it comes to a 'music' or 'metal' scene. Having basically only 'The Knitting Factory' & 'Jub Jub's', I'd say having 'PB & J's' is a 'definite' must & 'addition' to the 'music' & 'metal' scene in 'Reno'.

This is a 'partial' set list of what 'Soulfly' played:

*Back To The Primitive





*Roots, Bloody Roots

*Dead Embryonic Cells


If you take the cover of 'Sepultura's - Refuse/Resist', & as well as 'Prophecy', it seemed like 'Zyon' was 'struggling' a bit on the 'drums' & 'Marc' a bit with 'guitar' on 'Prophecy'. And if people are 'wondering' how well other 'Sepultura' cover's sounded with 'Roots, Bloody Roots' & 'Dead Embryonic Cells'? They were doable. This is not 'Sepultura' though. I do 'apologize' that I do not have the whole 'Soulfly' set list. It was about a '2hr' set & just do not 'recall' every song that was played.

'Mike Leon', 'ex-Havoc' bass player was really 'energetic'! He brought A LOT of stage 'presence' out & to the 'table' with 'Soulfly's' live 'performance'. Not a bad 'vocalist' either. 'Mike' does 'lead-vocals' on a 'track' that just 'escapes' me presently. 'Max' is just 'Max', 'legendary', who's been around for over '30yrs' now with 'Sepultura', Cavalera Conspiracy', 'Nailbomb'. Doesn't skip a beat!

'Apparently' this was the end of the '3rd' leg of their 'U.S.' tour or 'North American' tour. I'd strongly 'recommend' people get out there & check 'Soulfly' out if you haven't already during their 'WE SOLD OUR SOULS TO METAL 2015 TOUR' next time around. 'Soulfly' does stand up & 'deliver'! I shall soon be doing a 'review' of their new CD 'Archangel'. Stay tuned & check out 'Soulfly' live! You won't be 'disappointed'!


*Max Cavalera - Vocals, Guitar

*Marc Rizzo - Guitar

*Mike Leon - Bass, Vocals

*Zyon Cavalera - Drums

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