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Review by Nathan McLeod

I often do wonder what Exodus would be like today if Paul Baloff had still been ALIV? Hard to believe sometimes that it's been almost 19yrs since this legendary live CD from Exodus was released & almost 14yrs since the passing of the legendary great, Paul Baloff. Believe it or not though, the time has passed. Was into my 27th year of life when this show took place & was officially released. And how I have lived beyond 27 myself, is fucking miraculous! Not proud to say this, but I'd OD'd 3x that year. And was permanently shitfaced! At least I was able to live & tell about it. Well, tell I won't.

1997 into the late 90's saw a lot of thrash metal artists from 80's resurfacing. The grunge metal scene had already come & gone. Alternative music was still quite popular. And so was the death metal scene. Some great thrash metal, metal shows in general were popping off not only at the Trocadero, but the Warfield, Fillmore, Slims, Maritime Hall, DNA Lounge, Rainbow, Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma, Cactus Club in San Jose, a couple places on Haight Street, & a couple in the East Bay. It kinda felt like a bit of an 80's resurgence. History was kind of repeating itself.

Suppose I was fortunate enough to be in attendance for this live recording, whom of which almost 20yrs later still stands as IMO the epitome of thrash metal, as far as thrash metal releases are concerned. Additionally as far as a live thrash metal show should be & fucking represent! Sure, I had mentioned the bit of 80's resurgence, & although things will never compare to how thing once were in the 80's, this was one (1) of a few shows from the late 90's that came close. Slayer @ the Trocadero during the Undisputed Tour was one (1), Testament live @ the Fillmore the year before was another.

I'm sure a lot of people whom are Exodus & thrash metal fans alike have watched Another Lesson In Violence on YouTube: https://youtu.be/zPJys0YFZE8 - full audio of the show: https://youtu.be/lMWAzcDFHTI ..

And have heard stories about Paul, well Exodus in general being in rare form that nite, but mainly Paul with his Top 10 thrash metal quotes of all times between songs, middle of them, & so on:

"Give it up! This is no Arsenio Hall show, destroy something! Now ya have the chance".  -  "Talk minus action equals nothing"!  -  "Your body starts to smell, & it smells like fucking shit"!  -  "Lets make this one totally fucking insane! Do what you want. That means anything. Anything at all".  -  "I love heavy"!  -  "I can't see the guys from Canada putting up this much of a metal shit fit"!  -  "Why you want to be so heavy? Ha ha, why so heavy"?  -  "Just fucking rage, do whatever you fucking want"!  -  "They suck, you rule"!  -  "Those people need to be found, thrown out, & destroyed"!  -  "It makes people go crazy! That's what it's ALL about".  -  "This one's older than shit, heavier than time".  -  "Is the gang of super heavy ready"?

^^^^^^ This was just, Paul! Was Paul in real life, was down to earth, & was the "epitome" of thrash metal & thrash metal vocalists! He lived the life. Of course there were A LOT more infamous quotes from Paul thru out the 75mins performed that nite. Paul sure was on a bloody roll. A lot of people just weren't able to say the things he was able to say how he said them.

From the opener with Bonded By Blood, this show was insanely off the fucking hook! It's WTF a thrash metal show was to be all about. It was brutal, heavy, loud! Weren't too much of the, "Good, friendly, violent, fun" going on that nite! Well, there was nothing "friendly" about it! Of course, the Slayteam was in attendance that evening. (RIP Toby Rage). Was just non-fucking-stop raging! (That's right fuckers, we "raged" in San Francisco! Was none of that "moshing" BS that Billy Milano thought up!)

Sure, was a bit of the more Heavy vs. Violent going on that nite going on. All depended upon what was being played. So, was a bit of the back & forth & up & down. I think the pinnacle of this show as well CD was the A Lesson In Violence track, when Robb Flynn came out. The crowd insanity just went 10-fold bat shit crazy!

I got to hand it to Paul & Exodus, give credit where credit is due when it comes to releasing two (2) masterpieces. First with Bonded By Blood in 1985, then onto a follow-up live release 12yrs later with Another Lesson In Violence. Don't think Exodus could've done this without Paul as a frontman. Paul just brought the "HEAVY" outa Exodus! I like Zetro & Rob both as frontmen. Put out some great releases with each. If you want to take Zetro with Pleasures Of The Flesh & Good, Friendly, Violent, Fun & Rob with Shovel Headed Kill Machine & Shovel Headed Tour Machine, well, all great studio/live releases. None though have just what was delivered on Bonded By Blood & Another Lesson In Violence.

Would have been nice though hearing Metal Command making it onto this. Do remember Jack & I speaking about this several years back. Trying to remember a) if Metal Command had been played that nite? Escaped my memory, as well Jack's, & b) it probably had not made it on Another Lesson In Violence due to time constraint? Use to kinda give the band shit for not playing Metal Command too much. Made some sense though. Get 80mins out of a CD. At about 75mins, (average) as it already sits.

As much as I do miss Paul as an Exodus frontman, as a person in general, had some great times together. I do miss Rick on guitar! Was 1/3rd of the H-Team. Rick to me was the ultimate shredder on guitar. Gary I think has the edge regarding a lead-guitarist over Rick. This CD says it all. As well as the brutally heavy skin pounding of Tom Hunting. And prefer Jack's style & sound of bass playing over Rob McKillop's. And do give the edge with Another Lesson In Violence over Bonded By Blood.

Suppose lastly even though Strike Of The Beast is the Exodus signature closing track, in this instance I believe I would've chose Impaler as the closer. Was just the way how Paul sang it that nite, how it appears on the CD, & how Exodus played it. Had a lot of depth & energy as a closing track for a live show. Well Paul, hats off to you mate. Job well done. Rest In Peace....

My rating: 100 / 100

95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish


*Paul Baloff - Vocals (25APR60 - 02FEB02)

*Rick Hunolt - Guitar, Vocals

*Gary Holt - Guitar, Vocals

*Jack Gibson - Bass

*Tom Hunting - Drums

*Robb Flynn - Guitar, Vocals

Another Lesson In Violence track info:

I) Bonded By Blood  II) Exodus  III) Pleasures Of The Flesh  IV) And Then There Were None  V) Piranha  VI) Seeds Of Hate  VII) Deliver Us To Evil  VIII) Brain Dead  IX) No Love  X) A Lesson In Violence  XI) Impaler  XII) Strike Of The Beast - total run time 1:16:08.

Recorded live @ the Trocadero - San Francisco, CA on March 8th, 1997. Mixed @ Hyde Street Studios - San Francisco, CA from April 1st - 8th, 1997.

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