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I first met 'Phil Taylor' of 'Motorhead' in '1987' in 'Stockton, CA' during their 'Rock 'n' Roll' tour with 'Alice Cooper'. I was just a kid then, a 'teenager', & was just by chance that 'Phil' & I had met.

'Motorhead' had just finished their set, some 'Slayer' had gone over the PA system, the 'pit/crowd' had started going 'insane' as if we were at an actual 'Slayer' gig, & I had been 'thrown', 'catapulted' up & over the crowd & onto the stage'. Well, I was 'quickly' grabbed by the 'security' off the 'stage', & was about to be 'thrown' out as 'quick' as I was 'thrown' on the damn stage!!

'Security' had drug me 'backstage' toward an 'exit' door as I was 'fighting' & fucking 'kicking' being tossed out before 'Alice Cooper' took the 'stage'. 'Phil Taylor' just happened to be walking around 'backstage' when 'security' was about to 'eject' me from the 'concert', & had seen WTF was going on! 'Phil' had rushed over with a 'pint' of 'bier' in one hand & a 'pair' of 'drumsticks' in the other, as I was 'fighting' & fucking 'kicking' this fucking 'gorilla' of a 'security guard', & said 'ferociously' "EH MATE, WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING? HE'S JUST A FUCKING KID!" As 'Phil' (who was NO taller or NOT much taller than me @ 5'7") 'stepped' in between me & this 'asshole' security guard, & 'saved' me from getting 'tossed' out. 'Security' had just let go of me, thru his hands up, backed up, & walked away.

And yes, I was a bit 'surprized' to see that it was 'actually' 'Philthy "Animal" Taylor' who had 'basically' come to my 'rescue'! A bit 'shocked' too! 'Phil' had put his arm over my shoulder with the 'pint' of 'bier' in hand 'guiding' me away from 'security'. I really couldn't hear what 'Phil' was 'mumbling' under that 'ridiculously' silly 'British' accent of his & ALL the 'commotion' that was going on 'backstage'. Next thing I know I'm in one of the rooms 'backstage' with 'Phil' & members of 'THE ROAD CREW': ...

I'm like WOW!!! Is this really happening??? More 'blokes' with this 'ridiculously' silly 'British' accent(s). It was 'hilarious' to me back then. But all in all, these guys were 'extremely' down to 'Earth' 'amidst' their 'morbidly' funny 'British' humour. And here I am 'backstage' with 'Philthy "Animal" Taylor'!

'Phil' had offered me a 'bier', we shot the shit for a bit before 'Alice Cooper' took the stage. He'd asked me my name, how old I was, where I was from, who I was here to see 'Motorhead' with, & if this had been my first 'Motorhead' gig? 'Suffice' to say & a bit 'surprized' on 'Phil's' part when I had said, "Uh, no. The First time I had seen Motorhead was in 1982 in San Francisco during the Iron Fist tour.": ... And was even more 'impressed' to say the least that I caught 'Motorhead' the following year with 'Brian "Robbo" Robertson' on guitar: ...

'Phil' was even MORE 'impressed' when I told him that I saw 'Motorhead' in '1984' @ 'The Warfield SF'with 'Exciter' & 'Mercyful Fate'. The following year @ 'The Henry J. Kaiser' in 'Oakland' with 'Exodus', (RIP Paul Baloff), then the following @ the same 'venue' with 'Wendy O. Williams', (RIP). Even though 'Phil' was not in 'Motorhead' these few years & was with 'Pete Gill' from 'Saxon' on drums, with it being the 1st few years as a four (4) piece band 'featuring' 'Phil Campbell' & 'Mick "Wurzel" Burston', (RIP) on guitar(s), 'Phil' was a bit in 'awe' that I had been a 'Motorhead' fanatic at such a 'young' age, & 'moreso' I had known 'Motorhead' 'history'! And that 'obviously' as he may had thought 'initially' that 'Motorhead' may had been new to me & 'definitley' was NOT! In fact, I had been listening to 'Motorhead' since the 'late-70's'.

So of course, 'Phil' had asked me what some of my 'favourite' songs were? 'OVERKILL' 'immediately' was the 1st 'Motorhead' song that came 'thundering' outa my mouth: ... 'OVERKILL', is, was, & outa ALL 'probability' will always be one (1) of my 'favourite' 'Motorhead' songs! And why? Well why the FUCK not? Listen to WTF 'March of 1979' brought to the fucking table with NOT only the song 'OVERKILL', but the 'entire' album! And what a better way to close the 'decade' & '70's' out with 'BOMBER'!!! : ...

For myself, with the 'addition' of 'Iron Fist', 'Ace Of Spades', 'On Parole', & 'Motorhead' album(s) at this time, it just did NOT get any 'better, faster, heavier, ferocious, & explosive as MOTORHEAD!' Sure, bands like 'Venom', 'Mercyful Fate' were 'exploding' onto the 'metal' scene, 'followed' not too long after the 'SF Bay Area Thrash Metal' explosion of the 'early-80's, hometown bands Death Angel & Ulysses Siren were no doubtingly influenced, (RIP Jon Torres), as well as in 'Germany', with others such as 'Canada's' very own 'Voivod', (RIP Denis "Piggy" D'Amour) & 'Brasil's' very own 'Sepultura'. But to myself & MANY others alike, you really need to give a HUGE 'thanks', 'props', 'hard-hitting' round of 'applause' to 'Lemmy', "Fast" 'Eddie Clarke', 'Philthy "Animal" Taylor', & even to 'Larry Wallis' & 'Lucas Fox' of 'Motorhead', for whom without WE would NOT have ALL these 'iconic' & 'legendary' bands we have today!

Anyhow, I had said to 'Phil' some of my 'other' favourite 'Motorhead' songs at that time were the 'awesome' 'collabouration' with 'Girlschool' & their 'Emergency' cover: ... (RIP Kelly Johnson).

'Killed By Death': ...

'Ace Of Spades': ...

'Snaggletooth': ...

'Back At The Funny Farm': ... Those were just a few. 'Phil' was quite impressed!

Little did I know a 'friendship' had developed with 'Phil Taylor'. Had a 'blast' that nite. 'Phil' being an 'extreme' 'joker' & quite the 'character', whom really lived up to his name 'Philthy "Animal" Taylor'! Partied a little bit, got to catch a good 'half' of 'Alice Cooper's' set from stage left. Parted ways with 'Phil' that nite to catch up with friends/ride. And didn't get to catch up with 'Phil' til 4yrs later in '1991' whilst in the ARMY during their '1916' tour: ... Yes, I had 'managed' to get myself 'backstage'. 'Phil' believe it or not fucking 'recognized' me from 4yrs earlier, hair that was below my shoulders then, & as much to my own 'surprize' had 'remembered' my name!

It was a 'craic' alrite then in '1991' laughing it up with 'Phil' & having met 'Lemmy' for the 1st time, 'Phil Campbell', & 'Mick "Wurzel" Burston', (RIP). I thought I was gonna die from 'liver failure' after ALL the damn 'booze' drank that nite! At 45yrs of age now, I'm quite 'positive' I would given the 'volume' of 'alcohol' consumed that evening. These were 'evenings' & 'moments' to remember. A year later 'Phil' was once again outa 'Motorhead' with 'Mikkey Dee' replacing him on drums.

'Sadly', & 'fast-forward' to '2005', at a 'Motorhead/Corrosion Of Conformity' gig in 'Anaheim, CA' @ the 'HOB' in 'Disney "fucking" land' of ALL the 'forsaken' places! Had met up with 'Woodroe' from 'COC', went on 'backstage', & low & behold, 'Phil Taylor' was in 'attendance'. And was like we had seen each other the day before, just 'laughing' it up, having a 'grand' time! Remember that nite VERY well. 'Phil' & I were stage right during the 'Motorhead' set, 'whilst' 'Phil' making these child-type facial 'expressions' at 'Mikkey Dee' whilst 'Mikkey' playing. Almost 'pissed' my pants 'pissed' drunk when 'Phil' started 'dancing' around 'mimicing' the old 'Robin Williams' 'Mork & Mindy' theme right at 'Mikkey' during the set. (RIP Robin).

After the whole 'Motorhead' gig that nite I was in back of the 'venue' sitting on a park bench 'BS-ing' with 'Phil Campbell', having a 'pint', & smoking a cigarette. 'Phil' had come up, sat down 'opposite' of 'Phil Campbell' & I. Was looking at my wrist which was in a brace from an 'injury' a week or so before this gig. 'Phil' had actually gone into the whole 'shebang' when he 'broke' his wrist just before a whole 'Motorhead' tour I believe was back in '1980', & 'Phil' had did the whole tour with a broken wrist with a drumstick taped with 'gaffing' tape to the broken wrist. I'd actually heard this before, where, I don't recall, but to here it from the 'man' himself, with the look on 'Phil Campbell's' face & mine, man, was fucking 'priceless'!!!

I had some 'great' 'memories' with 'Phil Taylor' as well other 'member's' of 'Motorhead' over the years. I'm 'happy' to say I was able to have them. They've ALL been really down to 'Earth' individuals. Happy to say I had some great 'laughs' with 'Phil Taylor'. And that 'Motorhead' was the 1st 'actual' whole band that had a 'deep' influence upon my 'musical' career. I had been 'influenced' by many a 'musicians' over the years, but never a 'whole' band as a 'whole' as 'Motorhead' was then & still is today: ...

This was taken from "Fast" 'Eddie Clarke's' 'Facebook' page:

Heavy metal band Motorhead says former drummer Phil Taylor, an iconic metal thrasher nicknamed "Philthy Animal," has died. He was 61.

"Fast" Eddie Clarke, guitarist with the Grammy-winning rockers, said on Facebook that Taylor died late Wednesday. He didn't disclose a cause of death, saying Thursday that Taylor "had been ill for some time but that does not make it any easier when the time finally comes."

He said Taylor was "one hell of a character."

Taylor drummed on Motorhead's best-known albums, including "Overkill," ''Bomber," ''Ace of Spades" and the live recording "No Sleep 'til Hammersmith."

'Phil's' passing came just a few days after the '35th Anniversary' release of the 'iconic' 'Ace Of Spades' album.

From ALL of us here at 'Metal To Infinity' & 'Malevolence Records', our 'condolences' go out to "Fast" 'Eddie Clarke', 'Lemmy', ALL the 'member's' of 'Motorhead' past & present, 'Phil Taylor's' 'friends', 'fans', & 'family'.

Here are some other 'videos' of 'Philthy "Animal" Taylor':



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'Motorhead's' only "#1" album to date, 'NO SLEEP TIL HAMMERSMITH': (A Live Album!)


Rest In Peace 'Philthy "Animal" Taylor' 21SEP54 - 11NOV15