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Well, not really much more that can be said about the late, great, Lemmy that really wasn't already said at his memorial service: https://youtu.be/hE2xbImc-g8 ... (Which was a great service by the way. And is as close to a funeral service I'd ever like to be). After many weeks of deliberating whether to write a missive about Lemmy, have just lost a lot of ability to write lately, with really not knowing WTF to say; I'm going to keep this as short as possible.


My friend Joolz, bass player for Normailce, shared this quote of mine on their Facebook page:www.facebook.com/normalice - https://plus.google.com/+MalevolenceRecords/posts/ajKpvATSYC7 :

"He lived & died his own way, by his own rules. Not a lot of us get to do that & even less of us at age 70".´╗┐ (Thanks Joolz). Which about sums things up, really.



Yes, I had met Lemmy close to 30yrs ago now. An article I wrote here at Metal To Infinity, In Memory Of Phil Taylor, can be read right here: http://metaltoinfinity.be/MTI_Index/inmemoryofphiltaylor.html... Had met Lemmy the same nite I met Phil. I'd seen Motorhead, well fuck, I don't know how many times since 1982? Lost track & count. Most recently in 2011, in Reno, NV, @ the Knitting Factory.


Most recently/memorable in 2009, in LA, with a good friend of mine Dennis, from Downey, CA. Was at the Nokia or Sony Ctr.? Forgot. This is when Lemmy, autographed my arm & had tattooed on my arm, on 09OCT09. (October 9th, my b-day). Good times. Another would be on 10MAR05, this was my son's b-day. Corrosion Of Conformity was support for Motorhead that year. Woodroe actually got us some backstage, VIP passes for their show @ the House Of Blues, in Las Vegas, NV. All the lads from Motorhead, COC, all the ladies basckstage, (of course there are always ladies backstage), treated my son, David like a lil king! Autographs, guitar/bass picks, drumsticks, photos, setlists, & so on. (The works)!


I know there was a great attempt & effort to get the Ace Of Spades to #1, on the charts in the beginning of 2016. I know it peaked @ #13. Wrote a small review of the Ace Of Spades album, which can be read right here: http://metaltoinfinity.be/METAL%20FROM%20THE%20PAST/motorhead_aceofspades2.html ... Of course, alive or dead, I would've given Ace Of Spades, a 100%!


I do urge people to get out there & buy a copy of Lemmy's book, White Line Fever. I don't read a whole helluva lot anymore, but this was quite a read, ladies & gentlemen. I couldn't put the book down! Was that bloody great! And what may have not been able to be written in Lemmy's book, well, much more was brought out in, Lemmy: The Movie. Which the trailer can be viewed here via YouTube: https://youtu.be/kvTx7Kac2-s ... I'd urge people to pick up & buy an official copy of this as well. Won't be disappointed!


There was a bootleg DVD of Motorhead's legendary live in Toronto 1982 performance: https://youtu.be/hDQlxQDf7xg ... Not condoning the sales of "Bootleg", anything. But was a nicely done up DVD. And if it had been officially released by Motorhead, I surely would've purchased the DVD from the band! This damn near a bloody hours worth of the classic & iconic, Motorhead!!!


My condolences go out to "Fast" Eddie, first & foremost. The Kilmister family. Member's of Motorhead, past & present. Todd Singerman & Singerman Entertainment. Motorhead friends & fans.




Thank you Lemmy for 40yrs of Motorhead! 1975-2015 ...

Rest In Peace Lemmy. 1945-2015 ...

Say "hello", to Phil & Wurzel, mate.